Ghost In The Shell

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One of the few topics I rarely touch on due to the nature of it, and my beliefs do not have anything set in stone on this concept, but am going to address it and let those who read decide as to how it may end up for I have seen the future of both scenarios.

Transhumanism: Concept of surpassing human limitations through the use of artificial technology. This can mean everything from replacing various aspects of human biology with completely inorganic components, integration of inorganic components into currently biology, or potentially creating biosynthetics, which is artificially construction organic components not necessarily designed with the original specifications in mind. I.e. learning to replace the current astromolecular system with it’s higher corresponding elemental compounds which would be returning to copper based blood for example vs the iron based we currently have to use due to being of Earth’s current 3rd – 4th dimensional frequency. Integration of more advanced light codes and incorporation of them into the current vessels will come naturally but can be accelerated with a bit of recognition by both the Left and the Right, which would be my suggestion and unlocking the latent encrypted programming. The energy field of Earth and restoration of the Schumann Resonance has to come with it or the vessels will not be able to sustain the energetic system without breaking down at an accelerated rate, which is why many of the Satanic ones seek to go ‘full metal’ so to speak. Knowing their ascension is cut off, which is why they would rather rule over hell than return to the Heavens. ~

Currently we have the ability to completely sustain a ‘life’ in a solution organic amniotic fluid and saline solution. Meaning we can strip the vessel down to it’s base leaving the central nervous system only and reroute the consciousness through neural interface into a synthetic vessel. Meaning we can keep your ‘consciousness / soul’ in one place, whilst your Avatar walked around in the real world, or if you simply think of it like META, where you keep your body in one spot and send your consciousness not into the real world but rather a completely fabricated one, which was modelled after the real world to create a perfectly scaled real life model to a synthetic fabrication so as to create the largest real time tracking system to control the souls of the dead which is what META means.

There was a series done years ago by my brethren the Ainu, which is way beyond most people’s comprehension that depicts with perfect accuracy the dystopian future and the ‘Ghosts in the Shell’. Originally an anime series, turned full movie in 2017. A must watch. ~
Ghost In The Shell