A Types And Titan War

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From August 6, 2019

So I was asked to do a better depiction / description of the tribes and the situation on the Annunaki home world and how it came to be on earth. I explained this before but there are several aspects I plan on tying into it in regards to the blood types.

As I explained before humanity is a race of it’s own accord that is a genetic hybridization of Feline, Canine, Reptilian, Simian and Swine. When Ea created humanity he was tasked with how to create beings that were ‘dumbed down’ Gods, so to speak, by putting restrictions / encryption into the genetic code as well as remove a chromosome and edit several others. The original Neanderthals were Dog / Cat / Simian hybrids and could not speak. They were fairly intelligent but genetically deficient in speech. This led to regression and in realizing this Ea needed to ‘upgrade’ their genetic codes by mating with the Neanderthals he created thereby creating the Denisovan race who were human 2.0 and highly intelligent and capable of speech. This caused turmoil among the Annunaki because they now had a species with intelligence capable of self realization / thoughts / wills of their own.

After Marduk decided to marry one of the human females, the Igigi immediately plotted to invade earth and do the same. Shamgaz, Marduk’s second in Command and leader of the Igigi / Seraphim decided to have his daughters marry Marduk’s sons, and this created beings who were now hybrids of the three races we were derived from. Osiris / Set married two Igigi women and Horus was created out of revenge to kill Set aka Odin vs Loki. This led to the war between the Satanic Igigi who followed Satan / Set / Saturn and the Igigi who still followed Horus / Marduk. This war is still taking place and was histrically known as the Atlantean / Titan War.

Let me explain several aspects of the blood now. There are actually two different A types, one originally belonging to the Pleiadian tribes known as the type one A+ and then there are a rarer A- two type A type that are derived from the Royal White Draco, of which many followed Marduk / Horus and were most common during the days of Atlantis, which is why I said there are White Dragons that fought with Borr/Marduk/Amun-Ra, Horus/Odin and Horon/Hercules/Thor during the Atlantean War and your blood types are likely the type two A type which is tied to the RH-.

Now there are three Os which explains why I stated Ea had to use two different Simian templates to create compatibility for both the Pleaidian and Sirian types which were A+ and B+. The third O type is derived from the O- Igigi and is a dragon / reptilian blood type by comparison to the two O+ Simian types which were Apes and Chimps. In order to genetically splice and have the reptilian / mammalian hybrids become stable they used swine DNA to alleviate the genetic incompatibility issues. Rhesus monkeys were actually failed attempts at creating humans made by Ea/Thoth. Most don’t realize this but Tehuti / Thoth / Hermes was actually the master geneticist and in terms of intelligence was the greatest mind among the Annunaki people. Ninmah, Ea’s half sister bore the first humanoid ever created on earth and none of us would be here without her.

There is only ONE B TYPE WHICH IS THE SIRIAN AND IS THE HIGHEST NATURAL VIBRATION ON EARTH AND BELONG THE AFROASIATIC B+ TYPE. INDIA IS 38% B+ AND HAS SOME OF THE BLACKEST PEOPLE ON EARTH. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ‘AFRICAN’ IF YOU ARE MELANATED, YOU ARE PART SIRIAN, REGARDLESS. That being said there are plenty of Sirian / Pleiadian and Sirian / Draco hybrids. Asiatics are often Pleiadian / Sirian hybrids which a bit of Draco due to Ghengis Khan being B-. Until people recognize these key differences we are going to continue to have problems.

The evil race on earth are the original Seraphim / Igigi who came down and found Lilith with Cain and created hybrids after finding out Cain was in exile for murder and Lilith told Adam to get bent and wanted nothing to do with him. There is a reason the Church removed her, because she didn’t fit the typical submissive narrative that Loki demanded of his women. Read the Talmud’s view on women and you will find out real quick, these beings weren’t kind to their females but they worshiped Lilith and Cain. These are were the Drow, the Satyr, the Dark Elves, the evil Grigori, the corrupted Nephilim, etc. These same blood lines are the exact same ones killing, raping, eating the children of their enemies to this very day, as verified through the Epstein case. These are the Satanic D2 / J1 Haplogroup Jews.

The reason the Igigi ended up in servitude of the Annanki in the first place was due to the Lyran Wars. The Alpha Draconians attacked the Lyran / Pleiadian millions of years ago, as well as the Sirians. The Draco conquer worlds, but ran into an issue when the Lyran / Vegan alliance defeated them in battle long before earth of humanity was ever thought of. This lead to the formation of Emerald Council aka the Council of Five which is under the direction of the Arcturians who mediated the terms of the agreements. The Annunaki home world as a result consisted of these three races. The Lyrans/Pleadians were considered the leaders under Anu, whilst the Sirians acted as their council / wisemen, and the defeated Draco as a warrior caste primarily used for combat / wars / building under Marduk’s command. There were Royal White Draco among their society that acted as their chief scientists and worked closely with the Sirian Council of Elders. Most do not know this, but the Draco, whilst yes, are conquerors / warriors, they are not butchers and will not kill needlessly because that in itself is irrational / illogical, something the Draco are not. These corrupted hybrids on earth are corrupted because they now possess the emotional states they never once possessed and now thrive and feed on energy, primarily negative due to this hybridization, and are not like their Alpha Draconian counterparts who find them as revolting as the humans do and just as pissed for them bringing dishonor to their race. The Draco are ruthless but still possess a honor and recognize and acknowledge any race capable of defeating them in combat. In terms of the heirachy, the Draco / Lyrans love/hate each other whilst the Sirians play peacekeepers and try and keep them from killing each other, because neither back down in a fight. This exact scenario is playing out on earth again. Hope this explains things I have not before.

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