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Original Post June 26, 2020

Since many are often wondering what’s going on in the world today. As you know by now there are three races on Earth not one mixed with two different Simian species being that of the gorilla and the chimpanzee.
So I’m going to explain the history of these tribes before they came to Earth and what they were originally like and it should help bring to ‘Light’ some back ground and why things the are the way they are and I’m going to have to do somewhat an in depth explanation just so people will understand.
Humanity is literally a mix of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and come in both Light and Dark versions so to speak but keep in mind more so the energy and not color, but it does play somewhat a role to a degree. As most are realizing there are extremely evil Satanic Draco hybrids running loose, but I will tell you the common denominator, and that is the fact they possess no Pleiadian genetics which is the high brow forehead in the A1+ which allows one to experience empathy, of which the Demon Clan, has zero due to zero Pleiadian genetics and as a result have a sloped forehead and often hapsburg jaw or boxhead of the Canaanites or Ashkenazic lines. Won’t get into them in detail right now and will focus on the main targets on the genocidal agenda, being the Pleiadians and / or those with their high brow genetics.
Back before the creation of humanity, there were races among the ‘Heavens’ that predate humanity by billions of our years, and many of you know them as the beings now known as the Pleiadians, but long before this known name, the root race of them were indeed the Lyrans that fought with the Vegans during the Lyrans Wars, before the Draco got involved. This led to the unification of the Lyran / Vegan and these two races created various branches on both sides as well as their own unique genetic hybrids come to be known as the Golden Elyeons or rather L-ions. This was due to mixing the A1+ Alpha blood type with the B+ Beta to create a fusion and the AB+ blood type of which the father of humanity, Ea was indeed AB+.
Pleiadians were relatively cold by nature but still high levels of empathy and extremely helpful even though they did not possess high levels of love and compassion the Sirians possessed. The fusion of Empathy and Compassion is what creates a perfectly balanced hybrid of male / female energy and once this is done you can amplify this energy using the RH- Draco blood boosting all their natural instincts and traits energetically by creating the dual toroidal vortex energy system that is meant to be created in the vessels to ascend to the highest dimension upon death. Won’t get into it in detail right now.
Just know that because of the Pleiadian natural ability to absorb energy and transmute it, they are being hunted by the evil RH- Canaanite Demon Clan hybrids thousands of years after the Titan War has ended and yes they are still trying to kill off the A1+ Pleiadians and / or Adamic hybrids from Africa. It comes down to the A1+ blood type primarily which is why the recent bioweapons being used all target A1+ but RH+ in general whilst leaving the RH- Draco immune. Won’t explain that all either right now. Know this my A1+ friends who read this, you have allies among the Atlanteans who are technically White Dragons and allies among some of the Hebrew Jews originally from Africa who have all been used and abused by the Red Dragon Canaanite lines of the Moloch / Satan / Saturn worshiping mongrels. If you are A1+ under no circumstances do you trust anything they want to inject you with, ever.
In regards to the A1+ history, Ea himself passed it down to Adam, then through Seth and then again through Noah, then through Shem then through and Sarai / Sera, wife of Abraham who is basically the Holy Mother of the Pleiadian tribes on Earth and this includes the Arabic, the Negros(Falsely mislabeled African Americans) and the Saxons who are ‘White’ people with dark features similar to how the Negro are Sirian with Pleiadian features such as the high brow and lighter skin and / or straight hair unlike their African counterparts. So when the Pleiadians and Sirians figure out they are both being played by the evil Draco hybrids, shit will hit the fan.

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