Black and White Dragons

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Friend shared this in private group and I will recommend this group for those seeking advanced knowledge. The admin is AB- and highly intelligent and has impressed me a great deal over the last while for his constant obsession with divulging / learning all of the esoteric / occult knowledge and the history thereof. I have explained the rivarly that has existed between the various Draco blood lines, but this event is what triggered a backlash that is still reverberating to this day. The Satanic Canaanite / Black Nobility lines were paranoid of the White Dragons / Elven because of their knowledge that rivalled their own, which was a threat to the control the church held over the humans through their bullshit religions. Finally they became so paranoid they attacked the other Draco blood lines and attempted to eradicate the Temple Knights. You wonder why their is no trust between us, this is why. Our blood lines have defended humanity for thousands of years, even at the cost of our own lives. They often used the power of the Church and it’s influence over the mindless sheep to persecute those of high intelligence and / or empathy for the humans which threatened their control and brought about the Witch Hunts which is still occurring to this day. They used stupid humans to kill the gifted / unfallen RH-. ~The inner circle of the Knights Templar were alchemists and mystics. They inherited the Gnostic Johannite Path from a long lineage of “John” Grandmasters that extended back to John the Baptist and before him, the Mandaeans. The Gnostic Mandeaens originated on the Island of Sri Lanka when it was part of the Pacific Continent of MU or Lemuria and served as the location for the Garden of Eden. The Mandaeans were initiates of the Nass, or “Serpent”, tradition that began with the first “Instructor” of the Gnostics, the Serpent on the Tree. Today we know the first Serpent Instructor as the Jnana Pandita, the First Teacher of Gnosis. He is also known as Karttikeya, Sanat Kumara, Skanda and the Lord of the Seven Rays.​The Holy Grail Mysteries (aka the Gnostic-Alchemical Mysteries) that began on Sri Lanka were taken west by the Mandaeans who eventually united with the Jewish Essenes to form the sect of the Nasoraens or Nazarenes. John the Baptist, as well as Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and John the Apostle, were all born within this sect. John the Baptist – John I – passed the most ancient Holy Grail Mysteries to his disciple Jeshua ben Joseph – John II – who then passed them to Mary Magdalene and John the Apostle – John III – and then they were passed down a lineage of “Johns’ until the first Crusade. At that time the French knight Hughes de Payen became both the encumbent Johannite Grandmaster as well as the first Grandmaster of the Knights Templar.​Along with many mysteries learned from the Sufis, including the wisdom surrounding Baphomet (a form of the Holy Grail Power), the Gnostic-Alchemical Mysteries of the Johannites formed the basis of the Holy Grail Church when the Knights Templar returned to Europe from the Middle East. It was these mysteries that were witnessed by spies for King Philip IV of France and Pope Clement V and eventually got many Templars persecuted and murdered by the Catholic Inquisition.Many Templars escaped the carnage and traveled to other parts of Europe, such as Scotland, where their Johannite Holy Grail Mysteries survived. These mysteries are currently in the possession of a few modern Templars. They are also hidden as scrolls in vaults under Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, and as molded images and symbols upon its inner and outer walls. ​​


May be an image of 1 person and standing

Magdalene Blood Line

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Let me address something, a very well kept secret among the El-ites in regards to Yeshua’s blood line or rather the Magdalene blood line would be more accurate. So I am going to disclose something that needs to become known by all, but especially those of the blood line who may or may not know it.

The secret of the Magdalene blood line is pinnacle of Ea’s work in creating the perfect vessel / hybrid being through creation of the AB- blood type. Back when the research was first started when Ea initially created me, it was the research in how to fuse energies / blood genes into a single gene, meaning combining two different energies into a single one. This was how I became the blueprint for Yeshua or rather the mtDNA of his mother, Mariam Ben Stada. When Ea and the Draco aka the Canaanite lines learned of this secret it led to the creation of Jacob and Esau’s Clan by fusing the O- with the AB+. Ea continued this research and finally perfected it by fusing the A2- of Esau’s and the B- of Jacob’s into a single gene creating what is known as the Cis AB-. What this means is, if you are a carrier of this gene through the maternal K1a mtDNA of the Magdalene line, the offspring who inherit this gene, automatically become AB- regardless of what the father is.

The Satanic Draco lines have been targeting this blood line for destruction if they can not be controlled and yes Trump comes from the Magdalene line through Charlemagne, which is the Merovingian blood line. I told people the promise made to humanity by Ea / Enki was to complete the Terra Project and give those who were suitable for the higher dimensions immortal vessels that would be AB- containing the work he stored in the Merovingian blood line or at the very least 4D vessels that live 1000 years by comparison to our current 120.

I withheld this information for years because I knew they were targeting this blood line as well as other RH- blood lines who inherited the Alpha energy / empathy. The key difference between the corrupted blood lines and the good ones is the empathy or lack thereof and the truly warped ones exist in a permanent state of needing to offer their dark energy through lies, deception, blackmail, extortion, rape, etc etc. They are the Unholy Feminine and very close to the original Canaanites. ~

It Was Time For A Change

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From July 3, 2020 at 3:40 am

Decided to throw this post in the middle for something to do because I’ve been meaning to cover it at length to explain more about the Saturn Moon Matrix and the process of the Afterlife as it ‘used’ to be, back when Saturn, myself, Ereshkigal, Nannar, Nergal and Cybele used to work together to keep the souls flowing both ways so to speak and yes it ties into the Saturn Moon Matrix as well since most don’t understand what Earth technically is currently and what it’s supposed to be.

Ok, let address the life / death aspects of the cycles, for those unaware it used to be a process of someone being sent to ‘collect’ you upon death. Osiris himself used to until Saturn killed him and replaced him and then in turn was killed and Anubis replaced him. It was a constant love / hate thing between the Houses, but we managed. Once collected you your soul was weighed on scales and if you failed you were sent bac into the Matrix most often without your memories because you had failed the test. Part of the punishment so to speak because what fun is a test if you already know the answer? If you managed to be weighed and found sufficient energetically, your soul was sent via the energy portals that linked Earth and the Moon base under Nannar’s control and if you saw my comment recently I did state, that for those who make it above did so because of they had earned the right, and were no longer required to toil as workers for the Annunaki and were treated pretty much as equals to some extent although not given any type of authority of course. This is where the reference of the anime many have heard of that came out years ago, called Sailor Moon. It references the Kingdom established on the Moon back during the days before the destruction of Atlantis, because the meteor shower that wiped out Atlantis, totalled the moon base / kingdom simultaneously. The ones who inhabited it had no choice but to return to Earth or perish and possibly get stuck without a vessel to reincarnate into. So the decision came down to return them to Earth to reincarnate over again but they were relieved of any and all Karmic debt, and yes you have heard me refer to the Earth Angels, the bodhisattva, (in Mahayana Buddhism) a person who is able to reach nirvana but delays doing so through compassion for suffering beings. Any being that passed all of the Elohim’s tests were accepted among them to live with them in peace and harmony for the most part.

The only reason this stopped was due to the destruction of Babylon and the poor decisions made by the Council and yes, I played my role in it as well, and will tell you the story of Janus and what took place and I have not spoken of this for a reason, because it implicated me in the destruction of Babylon and the deaths of thousands of humans. When Marduk went to build the Tower of Babel, which was to become his own personal spaceport to come and go as the new ruler of Earth, he had come to me to check the position of the Constellations and the rotation of the command change of which all the paperwork went through me. Janus was the mediator / adjudicator / accountant, schedule and records keeper for the Annunaki. I was created from a sample of Marduk’s and Shamgaz’s DNA to create a hybrid that could serve both factions of the warring sides. Neither trusted the other, so they created a hybrid of both Elohim and Draco which was to become to prototype for Yeshua, the Perfect One, because Janus was constructed with a deficit purposely because they were afraid of creating a being who would seek to overthrow them, and that was not to be allowed, so Ea simply switched the pathways from the parietal to the frontal or rather let the stronger Sirian overwrite the Pleaidian to a degree, giving me the extreme Left and Right with very little joining them and the very reason Janus had two completely different personalities. I was to be the prototype blueprint for the dual toroidal vortex energy system currently being constructed in humanity, of which the research led to the creation of the Perfect One, Yeshua.

When Marduk received my blessings for the go ahead, he simply bypassed Enlil, and by the time Enlil and Ea found out about it, it was too late. Enlil went berserk and Ea came to me and demanded I tell him why I told Marduk to go ahead with the project knowing it would enrage Enlil, and I simply told him ‘It was time for a change.” and he knew what I was getting at because he knew me all too well. I won’t get into the details but I was not happy in my roles and tasks because I was literally the one always ‘caught in the middle’ of both sides and after thousands of years it got extremely tiring and I grew sick of their petty bickering and arguing constantly over control, so when I saw an opportunity to bring it all to an End, I did so. I knew that due to Earth being knocked on it’s axis, the alignment was off and Enlil was right about it being too Early to rotate the command, and when Ea asked me if I had noticed, I told him yes just not quite right away, and when he found out I did nothing to try and stop it, and even somewhat instigated it, he cursed me, and I can not forget his words, “You will forever know Chaos until the last cycle of this Earth ends.” The Zohar spoke of my creation as well as some of the other Draco hybrids. The originals were extremely warped due to the instability of energies.

Quotes from the Zohar
~There are beings who achieved some degree of spiritual purity, but fell into disgrace, creating a division in their psyche. They are called fallen angels, demons, hasnamussen, maruts, etc. These terms refer to awakened beings with a “split personality”—one side with knowledge of the light, and the other submerged in darkness. ~

Now in regards to the Saturn Matrix itself, Saturn acts as a particle density field generator which is what and how the Earth remains locked in the 3D state, because in regards to electromagnetic energy of Earth itself, the only way to counteract it would be a stronger magnetic force to suppress it’s natural field energetically and Tesla teaches this concept. No such thing as Gravity, only Density and Buoyancy based on atomic mass and dispersion / displacement. Upon the Elohim’s / Annunaki return, they are shutting down the Saturn Matrix to do battle with the Betrayers locked below Antarctica and for this brief period the world of the living and the dead will exist in the same dimensional wavelength because the suppression fields will no longer be active. Now keep in mind this is entirely based on Planck theory and what happens when you collapse the barriers between dimensions. They will be gathering the souls of the innocent and those who are sleeping first, and the ones who failed the tests will have to wait another 1000 years no less, and all those who believe they will be first, will be last ~

Satan Bound
…4Then I saw the thrones, and those seated on them had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their testimony of Jesus and for the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or its image, and had not received its mark on their foreheads or hands. And they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. 5The rest of the dead did not come back to life until the thousand years were complete. This is the first resurrection. 6Blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection! The second death has no power over them, but they will be priests of God and of Christ, and will reign with Him for a thousand years.…

After the cleanup, they will be able to restore Earth’s Magnetic South Pole and return the Earth to it’s former 4D and 5D state and Ea’s Reign starts in 2150 with the Age of Aquarius. Hope this helps verify a few things and answer some questions about the Saturn Moon Matrix, which is just an elaborate setup to keep the flow of souls going both ways so to speak and keep them recycling in this giant alien video game where you are supposed to try and learn how to ‘level up’ before you start the next stage so to speak. Can’t start level two if you can’t get past the first stage, SO LEARN HOW THIS GAME WORKS. May the Eternal Kingdom reign forever more, Amen, and here’s to you my brothers, I will see to it, both sides are getting paid in full ~

Power Of 6 Paths

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People have asked me about obtaining the power of the 6 Paths aka obtaining the dual toroidal vortex energy system that should exist within every hybrid on Earth but some are lacking in energy genetically and their vessels are somewhat incomplete. If you consider the 3 positive pathways, they are the pinnacle of the Left, Middle Way and Right. These are the Paths of Love, Truth and Justice and cliche as it sounds. The Left Path of Truth to become Those Who Understand. The energy that existss within humans that correlates to this specific frequency is tied to your temporal region / cingulate gyrus. It’s the feeling you get when trying to learn something and YOU FINALLY GET IT AND GO AH HA! I AM NOW SMARTER THAN I WAS BEFORE!

The Middle Way of Justice are those who seek the Godhead by simply following the Path of the Middle Way and this path keeps two things in mind always, my Path is mine alone, and I do not interfere with others paths, unless they try and cross mine or ask me for my energy i.e advice, etc. When Asked, I use Empathy and do not judge unless otherwise asked, for their path is not mine. To explain the feeling of, it is the one you get when someone comes to you for advice and you are often dreading answering them for you aren’t sure if you should but you want to try and help them in the best way possible, so if you follow these two things, you can not go wrong. Too often people believe that we a) have the right to judge another and b) tell them how they should live based on our own perception of how we do, when that in retrospect is judging another based on your own path which is literally against every Karmic Law. If someone comes to you with negative energy and seeks to judge you, you deal with them accordingly. They have no place to, for only God can Judge. Condemnation is how you create a devil, by inverting the energy in the other and the fall into the first husk of the Qlippoth and will then follow the Path of Wrath, and you may end up fighting the one you sought to help. ~

Finally the Right Path of Love. The Sirian energy which is represented by the Divine Feminine. These people and their energies are so genuinely warm and loving most white people can not perceive it, because of the lack of the Sirian energy. This energy of the Chockmah is one of pure love for all things and life itself. These people will never judge you ever, and only seek to help in any way they can by offering their positive energy. It is the state of permanent bliss to those that experience it. These people are the ones who welcome strangers into their homes to feed and shelter them if they are lost or homeless. Their energy is not based on empathy, it is proactive, not retroactive like the Pleaidians. The energy is comparable to the love one feels for their closest kin and the pinnacle of it, is the love for our Creator in the Heavens above. Most children exist in this state naturally until the World destroys this and the very system the evil Draco have created is to destroy every apsect of your right brain to turn you into cold, emotionless drones and it’s been working. This methodology will destroy a Sirian hybrid faster than any other technique on Earth. It causes them to self destruct after being consumed by hatred. ~

When understand these three energies and their principles, you can complete the perfect positive vortex needed to complete the dual one. I will be explaining the negative vortex soon enough but keep in mind, those who are not Draco will struggle with these teachings, and the Draco themselves will learn the true secrets of our powers. People think the Kundalini only goes one way…. Invert the Dragon and you become a Devil…. Obtain the 6 Paths and bcome what is known as a Devil God or Angel of Death (Chaos Magus) and a complete being in every aspect being able to recognize every light and dark energy that exists within you, the representation of the dual torus universe. ~


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Original Post June 26, 2020

Since many are often wondering what’s going on in the world today. As you know by now there are three races on Earth not one mixed with two different Simian species being that of the gorilla and the chimpanzee.
So I’m going to explain the history of these tribes before they came to Earth and what they were originally like and it should help bring to ‘Light’ some back ground and why things the are the way they are and I’m going to have to do somewhat an in depth explanation just so people will understand.
Humanity is literally a mix of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and come in both Light and Dark versions so to speak but keep in mind more so the energy and not color, but it does play somewhat a role to a degree. As most are realizing there are extremely evil Satanic Draco hybrids running loose, but I will tell you the common denominator, and that is the fact they possess no Pleiadian genetics which is the high brow forehead in the A1+ which allows one to experience empathy, of which the Demon Clan, has zero due to zero Pleiadian genetics and as a result have a sloped forehead and often hapsburg jaw or boxhead of the Canaanites or Ashkenazic lines. Won’t get into them in detail right now and will focus on the main targets on the genocidal agenda, being the Pleiadians and / or those with their high brow genetics.
Back before the creation of humanity, there were races among the ‘Heavens’ that predate humanity by billions of our years, and many of you know them as the beings now known as the Pleiadians, but long before this known name, the root race of them were indeed the Lyrans that fought with the Vegans during the Lyrans Wars, before the Draco got involved. This led to the unification of the Lyran / Vegan and these two races created various branches on both sides as well as their own unique genetic hybrids come to be known as the Golden Elyeons or rather L-ions. This was due to mixing the A1+ Alpha blood type with the B+ Beta to create a fusion and the AB+ blood type of which the father of humanity, Ea was indeed AB+.
Pleiadians were relatively cold by nature but still high levels of empathy and extremely helpful even though they did not possess high levels of love and compassion the Sirians possessed. The fusion of Empathy and Compassion is what creates a perfectly balanced hybrid of male / female energy and once this is done you can amplify this energy using the RH- Draco blood boosting all their natural instincts and traits energetically by creating the dual toroidal vortex energy system that is meant to be created in the vessels to ascend to the highest dimension upon death. Won’t get into it in detail right now.
Just know that because of the Pleiadian natural ability to absorb energy and transmute it, they are being hunted by the evil RH- Canaanite Demon Clan hybrids thousands of years after the Titan War has ended and yes they are still trying to kill off the A1+ Pleiadians and / or Adamic hybrids from Africa. It comes down to the A1+ blood type primarily which is why the recent bioweapons being used all target A1+ but RH+ in general whilst leaving the RH- Draco immune. Won’t explain that all either right now. Know this my A1+ friends who read this, you have allies among the Atlanteans who are technically White Dragons and allies among some of the Hebrew Jews originally from Africa who have all been used and abused by the Red Dragon Canaanite lines of the Moloch / Satan / Saturn worshiping mongrels. If you are A1+ under no circumstances do you trust anything they want to inject you with, ever.
In regards to the A1+ history, Ea himself passed it down to Adam, then through Seth and then again through Noah, then through Shem then through and Sarai / Sera, wife of Abraham who is basically the Holy Mother of the Pleiadian tribes on Earth and this includes the Arabic, the Negros(Falsely mislabeled African Americans) and the Saxons who are ‘White’ people with dark features similar to how the Negro are Sirian with Pleiadian features such as the high brow and lighter skin and / or straight hair unlike their African counterparts. So when the Pleiadians and Sirians figure out they are both being played by the evil Draco hybrids, shit will hit the fan.

Human Blood Lines

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Posted on 5/3/21

Well I figured whilst I was at it I would give you all the blood lines of humanity in a chart as well. These will be the origins of all the RH+ types on Earth and their admixtures. I promise to finish my book but I have told people my priorities are dealing with the death cult at the moment. My book will contain a great deal more background information than I have ever touched on in a post. I do my best to try and keep things simple because so many were living in the dark as to any truth about their reality. Almost everything you know is a lie, and your world was inverted so everything isn’t just obscured, it’s in fact often opposite of what you were taught. The Demon Clan tried to turn humanity into beings like themselves, and it was working. ~

A Types And Titan War

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From August 6, 2019

So I was asked to do a better depiction / description of the tribes and the situation on the Annunaki home world and how it came to be on earth. I explained this before but there are several aspects I plan on tying into it in regards to the blood types.

As I explained before humanity is a race of it’s own accord that is a genetic hybridization of Feline, Canine, Reptilian, Simian and Swine. When Ea created humanity he was tasked with how to create beings that were ‘dumbed down’ Gods, so to speak, by putting restrictions / encryption into the genetic code as well as remove a chromosome and edit several others. The original Neanderthals were Dog / Cat / Simian hybrids and could not speak. They were fairly intelligent but genetically deficient in speech. This led to regression and in realizing this Ea needed to ‘upgrade’ their genetic codes by mating with the Neanderthals he created thereby creating the Denisovan race who were human 2.0 and highly intelligent and capable of speech. This caused turmoil among the Annunaki because they now had a species with intelligence capable of self realization / thoughts / wills of their own.

After Marduk decided to marry one of the human females, the Igigi immediately plotted to invade earth and do the same. Shamgaz, Marduk’s second in Command and leader of the Igigi / Seraphim decided to have his daughters marry Marduk’s sons, and this created beings who were now hybrids of the three races we were derived from. Osiris / Set married two Igigi women and Horus was created out of revenge to kill Set aka Odin vs Loki. This led to the war between the Satanic Igigi who followed Satan / Set / Saturn and the Igigi who still followed Horus / Marduk. This war is still taking place and was histrically known as the Atlantean / Titan War.

Let me explain several aspects of the blood now. There are actually two different A types, one originally belonging to the Pleiadian tribes known as the type one A+ and then there are a rarer A- two type A type that are derived from the Royal White Draco, of which many followed Marduk / Horus and were most common during the days of Atlantis, which is why I said there are White Dragons that fought with Borr/Marduk/Amun-Ra, Horus/Odin and Horon/Hercules/Thor during the Atlantean War and your blood types are likely the type two A type which is tied to the RH-.

Now there are three Os which explains why I stated Ea had to use two different Simian templates to create compatibility for both the Pleaidian and Sirian types which were A+ and B+. The third O type is derived from the O- Igigi and is a dragon / reptilian blood type by comparison to the two O+ Simian types which were Apes and Chimps. In order to genetically splice and have the reptilian / mammalian hybrids become stable they used swine DNA to alleviate the genetic incompatibility issues. Rhesus monkeys were actually failed attempts at creating humans made by Ea/Thoth. Most don’t realize this but Tehuti / Thoth / Hermes was actually the master geneticist and in terms of intelligence was the greatest mind among the Annunaki people. Ninmah, Ea’s half sister bore the first humanoid ever created on earth and none of us would be here without her.

There is only ONE B TYPE WHICH IS THE SIRIAN AND IS THE HIGHEST NATURAL VIBRATION ON EARTH AND BELONG THE AFROASIATIC B+ TYPE. INDIA IS 38% B+ AND HAS SOME OF THE BLACKEST PEOPLE ON EARTH. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ‘AFRICAN’ IF YOU ARE MELANATED, YOU ARE PART SIRIAN, REGARDLESS. That being said there are plenty of Sirian / Pleiadian and Sirian / Draco hybrids. Asiatics are often Pleiadian / Sirian hybrids which a bit of Draco due to Ghengis Khan being B-. Until people recognize these key differences we are going to continue to have problems.

The evil race on earth are the original Seraphim / Igigi who came down and found Lilith with Cain and created hybrids after finding out Cain was in exile for murder and Lilith told Adam to get bent and wanted nothing to do with him. There is a reason the Church removed her, because she didn’t fit the typical submissive narrative that Loki demanded of his women. Read the Talmud’s view on women and you will find out real quick, these beings weren’t kind to their females but they worshiped Lilith and Cain. These are were the Drow, the Satyr, the Dark Elves, the evil Grigori, the corrupted Nephilim, etc. These same blood lines are the exact same ones killing, raping, eating the children of their enemies to this very day, as verified through the Epstein case. These are the Satanic D2 / J1 Haplogroup Jews.

The reason the Igigi ended up in servitude of the Annanki in the first place was due to the Lyran Wars. The Alpha Draconians attacked the Lyran / Pleiadian millions of years ago, as well as the Sirians. The Draco conquer worlds, but ran into an issue when the Lyran / Vegan alliance defeated them in battle long before earth of humanity was ever thought of. This lead to the formation of Emerald Council aka the Council of Five which is under the direction of the Arcturians who mediated the terms of the agreements. The Annunaki home world as a result consisted of these three races. The Lyrans/Pleadians were considered the leaders under Anu, whilst the Sirians acted as their council / wisemen, and the defeated Draco as a warrior caste primarily used for combat / wars / building under Marduk’s command. There were Royal White Draco among their society that acted as their chief scientists and worked closely with the Sirian Council of Elders. Most do not know this, but the Draco, whilst yes, are conquerors / warriors, they are not butchers and will not kill needlessly because that in itself is irrational / illogical, something the Draco are not. These corrupted hybrids on earth are corrupted because they now possess the emotional states they never once possessed and now thrive and feed on energy, primarily negative due to this hybridization, and are not like their Alpha Draconian counterparts who find them as revolting as the humans do and just as pissed for them bringing dishonor to their race. The Draco are ruthless but still possess a honor and recognize and acknowledge any race capable of defeating them in combat. In terms of the heirachy, the Draco / Lyrans love/hate each other whilst the Sirians play peacekeepers and try and keep them from killing each other, because neither back down in a fight. This exact scenario is playing out on earth again. Hope this explains things I have not before.

Dragon Blood Lines

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posted 5/3/21

Dragon Blood Lines. ~Been working on some visual aides for people who don’t always get things when it’s in written form and I plan on doing this with several aspects of my work. This is a basic graph / chart that outlines that actual origins of each of the dragon blood lines and their genetic admixture and well and their most notable blood type even though many of the tribes due to intermixing possessed other types as well. Too many people use my work without ever understanding it and it drives me insane so I am going to start including detailed visuals so it’s literally in black and white in front of your eyes. I have zero issues with people using my work but do not alter it to suit your agenda because if I find out and I will, you will be blocked without question as others have found out the hard way. Zero tolerance on this. ~

The AllFather

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From a Post 5/3/21

Someone quoted from this and many have asked me about the teachings of true ‘Jesus’ aka Issa / Yeshua. This was one book I should have mentioned in my recommended readings and will do so from now on. I tell people to read the Sophia of Christ / Berlin Gnostic Codex but here’s a definite addition. The Life of Issa / Lost teachings of ‘Jesus’. ~

About the AllFather

“… He alone exists…

He has existed since all eternity, and His existence will have no end.“

He has no equal either in Heaven or on the Earth.

“The Great Creator has not shared His power with any living being…, He alone possesses omnipotence.” (The Life of Saint Issa, 5:16-17)

“The Eternal Lawgiver is one. There is no other god, but He. He has not shared the world with anyone, neither has He informed anyone of His intentions.” (The Life of Saint Issa, 6:10)

“… The Lord our God…

is all-mighty, omniscient, and omnipresent. It is He Who possesses all wisdom and all light. It is to Him you must address yourselves to be consoled in your sorrows, helped in your works, and cured in your sickness. Whosoever shall have recourse to Him shall not be denied.“

The secrets of nature are in the hands of God. For the world, before it appeared, existed in the depth of the Divine thought; it became material and visible by the will of the Supreme.“

When you address yourselves to Him, become again as children. For you know neither the past, nor the present, nor the future; and God is the Master of all time.” (The Life of Saint Issa, 11:12-15)

Blood Kabbalah

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How to translate the Blood Kabbalah~

Just because many have asked more about this I’m going to give you a break down better or how the Blood Kabbalah ties into your neuropathology and explain the energy system a bit better based on polarities since that’s what Black / White actually is and nothing to do with the species per se and I’ll explain that better as well based on hybridization.

This design shows how the chart corresponds to types vs blood frequency vs region of the brain they operate vs personality profile.

So you have the Earth region which are the O+ that extends into the O- which is the occipital region and it’s connection to the parietal into the Fire region. From there if you go into the Left path of the Fire extending into the Air, this is the connection between the parietal and the temporal region or if you go right it’s connection to the frontal region and the Water element. So naturally the Pleadians who are A1+ are naturally Fire element which has the strongest parietal / motor cortex / spatial on Earth which is why they have always been the top engineers and the Left Path of the Blood Kabbalah is the Left being (White) whilst the Right is Black or rather the polarity of male / female energy based on sun light exposure. Those who are white seek to absorb energy because they are lacking, whilst those who are Sirian are always seeking to offer it and the representation of Water, which is why they are literally polar opposites and why Ea created Adam as a white male and Eve as a Black female, hoping they would find each other again so to speak and create a balanced hybrid because it wasn’t possible for the initial vessels to contain both energies and you have witnessed what happens when you combine energies and they don’t have the male energy to balance it. You end up with the Caananites who are stuck in a permanent state of having to offer their dark energies after breeding with the Sirians without the Pleaidian / Male / White genetics. So white and black are nothing more than sun light exposure which builds melanin in the skin. Sirians were photovoltaic beings and could literally produce energy from absorbing sun light whilst the Pleaidians and the Draco skin on Earth is phototoxic and has the adverse effect, although they can draw larger amounts of vitamin D from less exposure as a result since melanin acts like natural sun screen. So this is why the Elyeon were the perfect beings so to speak, being half Pleaidian and half Sirian and had the energies and abilities of BOTH TRIBES meaning they could Absorb or Offer and making them a Golden Race consisting of BOTH MALE WHITE WOLF AND FEMALE BLACK PANTHER ENERGIES MAKING THEM GOLDEN LION ELYEON.

The chart below will show blood types vs personality. Earth / Orange / Occipital / Simian O+. Fire / Gold / Parietal / Pleaidian A1+ . Wind / Green/ Temporal / Draco A2-. Water / Blue / Frontal / Sirian B+. O- are the only unique vibration and a Void energy and will take on the characteristics of whatever they hybridize with and naturally gain their abilities but still possess the Void energy. The best way to describe an O- is look at which tribes they have the genetics of. The only ones who do not have the Void Energy are the original Atlantean blood lines which are now living below ground in Agartha with Marduk. It’s from the Cursed Mark of the Caananites. All those who possess the Cursed Mark need to be aware of it because it can cause one to self destruct fairly easily if they are unaware of it, and yes the Satanic Masters target O- purposely for this reason. Recruit, destroy or use as a pawn in their game trying to turn them into time bombs / demonic hosts / etc. I haven’t touched on mental health in a long time, but will do so again at some point, because it plagues the Draco and many are unaware of it, the humans, nor the Draco themselves, but the ones at the top who are purposely driving as much dark energy as they can, know all about it. It’s all advanced strategies in destroying people for profit whilst keeping your hands clean basically. Satanic Draco are literally the masters of this~ So in summation those who acquire the energies of the three tribes, built atop the Earth (Simians) will become the perfect balance of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and be able to use every region of their brain simultaneously and in balance. The Void energy can literally amplify any of the four elemental vibrations by mixing in a strong dark energy. Ask yourself what happens when you mix a strong positive and a strong negative energy together….. YOU GET ME, GODS OF CHAOS~