Demons With Human Hearts

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I decided to discuss this at length because I did not realize there were many who don’t understand the Janus Principle and it seems to be a highly debated and theorized topic among scholars, so instead of relying on teaching you from others interpretations, you can learn it from the source and in doing so will be able to utilize it for great good or great evil so please use it wisely and also learn to recognize it if ever used against you.

I explained it briefly recently but not in any great detail so let’s begin. Janus was considered the Two-Faced God for several reasons so let me explain why. Originally, Janus was a genetically engineered being created solely to fulfill the roles none of the other Annunaki Elders wanted to waste their time doing which was observing the cycles and maintaining the schedules, keeping track of the gold shipments, etc etc. It was basically the paperwork none wanted to do, so in recognizing this problem, Ea created a vessel to bring me back from the other side of the veil where I had been since my death during the destruction of Atlantis. He used a sample of Marduk’s DNA to engineer the vessel, making Janus, the literal ‘spawn’ of Marduk, but in doing so, the Gods protested and forbid another being like Marduk being created, so Ea compromised by removing Janus’s sense of self or strong sense of will by augmenting the spatial / parietal region of his brain and switching the functions from the parietal to the frontal lobe, disconnecting the Left and Right hemispheres simultaneously to give him a dual mind quite literally, this was to prevent Janus from becoming a threat like Marduk, since all the Gods were terrified of him.

So when I tell you, Janus was the literal embodiment of all things good and evil, he was just that, in every aspect of the word due to being both the Left and the Right. Only during times of rest could I find semblance of sanity by trying to merge them and in doing so, created a mind similar to the being from which I was derived which is the Luciferian mind that unites both the Left/Right.

Now let me teach you how this works in practicality. All those who know and possess this mind, knows the Left and the Right are unbalanced and therefore easily manipulated, used, or destroyed at their whim, because if you are either Left or Right in the current world, you are lost. This was why Issa / Jesus had to be sent and a sacrifice made by Ea. Humanity is a broken and severely damaged species in every aspect of the word in it’s current state, and literally, only 1% of the population could ever make it out of the 3D by their own volition, the rest would forever be trapped here, I promise you, if they were to be judged accordingly.

So when someone tells me they are ‘Left’ this immediately tells me several things. Highly intelligence but highly extremely gullible, naive, lack sense of spirituality and easily manipulated by through feeding false information and often rage addicts. There are many others but these are the primary ones. The ‘Right’ are the most arrogant, simple minded, hateful, and relatively stupid creatures and easily manipulated / controlled through fear by comparison to the ‘Left’. So that being said, to a Luciferian, both the Left/Right are revolting and unbalanced, which is why those who know and understand the Janus Principle will make short work of anyone they know is ‘off center.’

This makes the Luciferians the most dangerous people on earth if you cross them, but know that most are not evil and follow strict karmic laws, by but that same token there are technically what I consider the false light Luciferians, which known every aspect and loophole in the Karmic Laws and will often abuse them to their advantages especially through the use of the Janus Principle.

This is why I will ask you once again to help me test / demonstrate this by giving me any problem on either the Left, or the Right, and watch me solve it in 30 seconds or less, simply by showing you, there is no difference between the Left/Right to a being who was both and neither. These are the esoteric aspects behind Janus, his personality and what his ability was and represented. The ability to see both past and future are an entirely different thing but ties into the separation of the hemispheres and spatial augmentation and a totally different topic.

SO KNOW, THAT AS SOON AS YOU LABEL YOURSELF LEFT OR RIGHT, YOU ARE NOW FOOD/FODDER/FUN TO A ONE-EYED KING. THEY ARE “Demons with a human heart, were not unlike the Angels of Wrath.” ~ Janus

Sirian Tribes/B+

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Someone asked me about the Sirian tribes / energy of the B+ type and I believed I had done posts on them several times in the past but it seems I could not find the one I had done which had gone into great detail of their various tribes. So to alleviate this issue I will do it again, and since I had to go out of my way to teach ‘Black’ history to many Sirian hybrids already I might as well do it again because many had no clue who and what they are, and many will likely be surprised the fact they are also in many cases part white aka Pleiadian / A1+ type due to the fact it was the blood of Adam, father of the Adamic tribes in Africa as well as his son Seth. These are the A and B Y Line Haplogroups still found in Africa to this day. I will focus more though on Eve and her mtDNA which is the source of the original B+ / Sirian energy. So when you consider it was Eve who was the mother of humanity and every human on earth possesses some of her DNA, due to intermixing, but not everyone on Earth possesses Adam’s Y line, this is the key difference between the corrupted Draco and the ones who aren’t entirely corrupted. Will elaborate on it more later.So when looking at the tribes who are almost entirely Sirian vs the ones who have the Pleiadian and / or Draco admixture, these tribes are vastly different and why Africans are also extremely different based on their tribe and region. Africa is a continent with over 200 dialects. So to start I’m going to list many of the tribes below with photos to demonstrate who was who and exactly what they were hybrids of. Also going to mention that ALL OF CAIN’S PEOPLE are majority Sirian genetics without the blood frequency hence him being O+ rather than B+. People need to understand the difference between the blood vs the genetics. The B+ mtDNA of Eve is why people are melanated to begin with. The Sirian blood energy was derived from the Divine Feminine which is literal embodiment of Love / Sexual Goddess derived from the Light itself and why Siriain genetics are dominant over everyone else including that of the Pleiadian, to some degree, and the Draco as well. It’s the reason you can not inject anyone with B+ type blood who does not possess it, you will kill them. ~So when looking at the Sirian hybrids, you start with Adam and Eve’s line in Africa, then the next largest group of Sirian would be the B line of Seth and the C line of Cain but Eve’s B type hybrid became more of the tribes who migrated into Southeast Asia and mingled with some of Cain’s early tribes. I checked many of the original islanders of the south pacific and their mtDNA was that of Eve but their Y line was that of Cain. They are essentially Afroasiatics but not Adamics. Ham’s tribe in Africa of the J Y line were some of the purest Sirian lines I’ve come across but they had similar issues as Cain’s people with their frontal lobes and lacked empathy, this is why the Demon Clan targeted his tribe to breed with to create the 2nd generation demon clan Canaanites. It was from some of these tribes that intermingled with Jacob and Esau’s although I’ve come across someone who tried to debate with me on whether of not Rebekah was Canaanite or not, I will only be able to say 100% for sure she originated among all the ‘Giant’ clans of that region of which one was Canaanite and she was indeed O-, but whether or not I can say 100% she was specifically Canaanite, would be difficult but I know for sure she carried the Mark of Cain, which is tied specifically to the original Demon Clan of Draco who bred with Cain’s people and they were all originally O-. It’s why Jacob could not grow full faced beard or hair on the body whilst Esau who inherited the Pleiadian / Wolf energy of the A1+ because hairy unlike any other hybrid on Earth and yes, was Father of the Werewolves. Jacob and Daniel’s tribe were known to be the blood drinkers / vampires, Daniel’s moreso than Jacob’s though. These tribes still live in Africa to this day and why it’s been kept hidden. The Amelekites from Esau’s clan have been claiming to be ‘God’s chosen people’ from Jacob’s Tribes of Israel, when in fact they are from Esau’s clan initially who married into Japeth’s creating the Naga / Ashkenazim. They have tried to usurp what was given to his tribes because Esau was shafted by Jacob originally to begin with, and this long standing rivalry was laid out in the series UNDERWORLD. Where they specifically discuss what I’m going to disclose now because I have withheld this information purposely but people need to learn the truth, especially those who may be targeted and not know why. In that movie they discuss what Ea managed to achieve thousands of years ago and that was fuse the blood genes of the A2- of Esau’s clan and B- of Jacob’s to create Yeshua’s blood gene known as the cis AB- which is a single blood gene through the mtDNA and this means regardless of what the other parent is, the inheritor of this gene automatically becomes AB-. This is what the Merovingian line’s biggest kept secret and the reason the Canaanite mongrels were hunting and killing people who possessed this gene, because they know it was Ea’s work in creating a perfectly balanced human hybrid with the highest level of empathy, compassion and intelligence. This was the reason for the blood pact and the reason Ea promised all those who shall inherit the Kingdom of God shall be given immortal vessels containing the AB- blood gene that was stored in Yeshua’s blood line. People wanted me to speak more of Janus and what I know and my current / former roles. I told people Janus was initially created as the blueprint for Yeshua, the Perfect One, whilst I was originally the first experiment in merging the dark energy of the Draco with that of the other tribes being that of the Pleiadian and Sirian. Ea took the blood of the Demon Clan and merged it with the Pleiadian but switch my parietal / spatial functions for the frontal / Sirian genetics. I was essentially the first A- but not like those of Esau’s clan but similar and still possessed a strong Sirian genetic. This is what the two faces of Janus represent. The Left Face of the Demon / Severity and the Right face of the Sirian / Mercy. This is also why Janus was the only ‘God’ among the Annunaki to be depicted with horns, due to being part Draco. It is also the representation of Androgyny being the Left / Male and the Right / Female and the two aspects of my personality. My Left Brain is the polar opposite of my Right and why I have told people, the reason I love you, is also the reason I loathe you. This complex is often referred modern day as bipolarism which is essentially the blood gene correlates directly to which region of your brain produces the negative energy and why balance must be practiced and maintained. A2- have negative logic, the B- have negative emotions. If unbalanced A2- are consumed by rage, B- by hatred. O- are the ones who are most prone to physical violence, A2- mental abuse, B- emotional / sexual abuse. I won’t elaborate at this time on my personal involvement in the experiments, but know one of the main reasons for my motivations was the promise made to me, and inevitably many others later. He would create me a vessel with the fusion of the B type making me whole so to speak. Those without the B type are not the most compassionate / loving people, this is a fact. Alphas are cold by nature without the Sirian energy. ~I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will remove your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. 27And I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes and to carefully observe My ordinances.…Ezekiel~ Just an FYI, THE ORIGINALS WERE OFTEN BLUE BEFORE HUMANITY BECAUSE THE IRON IN THE SOIL TURNED THEM BROWN / BLACK. Ever heard they expression, they were so black, they were almost blue? That’s because they were once blue morons. Also going to mention this as I always do, the tribe of the Negro, Arabic and Saxons from Shem’s line were never Africans, they were Hebrews / Shemites / Semitic from the Middle East originally who were enslaved by Ham’s tribe in Africa and sold out to the Draco in Europe and the West. They did this because they knew the Negro were not pure SIrian and in fact half Pleiadian and considered them ‘pasty faced’ which caused them to turn on them initially and this is also why many Negro women have straight hair, and not the Afroasiatic hair like some of their African counterparts, yet they get labelled as ‘sell-outs’ for straightening it when it was in fact straight to begin with morons, and the hair follicles in our species are actually different to this. Hair and fur are not the same thing. Hope this clarifies things on the B / Sirian type energy and below I will list many of the Sirian hybrids and their origins. ~~

Test Post

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This is a test post to see how simple it is to post things here…including pictures.

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