Blood Kabbalah

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How to translate the Blood Kabbalah~

Just because many have asked more about this I’m going to give you a break down better or how the Blood Kabbalah ties into your neuropathology and explain the energy system a bit better based on polarities since that’s what Black / White actually is and nothing to do with the species per se and I’ll explain that better as well based on hybridization.

This design shows how the chart corresponds to types vs blood frequency vs region of the brain they operate vs personality profile.

So you have the Earth region which are the O+ that extends into the O- which is the occipital region and it’s connection to the parietal into the Fire region. From there if you go into the Left path of the Fire extending into the Air, this is the connection between the parietal and the temporal region or if you go right it’s connection to the frontal region and the Water element. So naturally the Pleadians who are A1+ are naturally Fire element which has the strongest parietal / motor cortex / spatial on Earth which is why they have always been the top engineers and the Left Path of the Blood Kabbalah is the Left being (White) whilst the Right is Black or rather the polarity of male / female energy based on sun light exposure. Those who are white seek to absorb energy because they are lacking, whilst those who are Sirian are always seeking to offer it and the representation of Water, which is why they are literally polar opposites and why Ea created Adam as a white male and Eve as a Black female, hoping they would find each other again so to speak and create a balanced hybrid because it wasn’t possible for the initial vessels to contain both energies and you have witnessed what happens when you combine energies and they don’t have the male energy to balance it. You end up with the Caananites who are stuck in a permanent state of having to offer their dark energies after breeding with the Sirians without the Pleaidian / Male / White genetics. So white and black are nothing more than sun light exposure which builds melanin in the skin. Sirians were photovoltaic beings and could literally produce energy from absorbing sun light whilst the Pleaidians and the Draco skin on Earth is phototoxic and has the adverse effect, although they can draw larger amounts of vitamin D from less exposure as a result since melanin acts like natural sun screen. So this is why the Elyeon were the perfect beings so to speak, being half Pleaidian and half Sirian and had the energies and abilities of BOTH TRIBES meaning they could Absorb or Offer and making them a Golden Race consisting of BOTH MALE WHITE WOLF AND FEMALE BLACK PANTHER ENERGIES MAKING THEM GOLDEN LION ELYEON.

The chart below will show blood types vs personality. Earth / Orange / Occipital / Simian O+. Fire / Gold / Parietal / Pleaidian A1+ . Wind / Green/ Temporal / Draco A2-. Water / Blue / Frontal / Sirian B+. O- are the only unique vibration and a Void energy and will take on the characteristics of whatever they hybridize with and naturally gain their abilities but still possess the Void energy. The best way to describe an O- is look at which tribes they have the genetics of. The only ones who do not have the Void Energy are the original Atlantean blood lines which are now living below ground in Agartha with Marduk. It’s from the Cursed Mark of the Caananites. All those who possess the Cursed Mark need to be aware of it because it can cause one to self destruct fairly easily if they are unaware of it, and yes the Satanic Masters target O- purposely for this reason. Recruit, destroy or use as a pawn in their game trying to turn them into time bombs / demonic hosts / etc. I haven’t touched on mental health in a long time, but will do so again at some point, because it plagues the Draco and many are unaware of it, the humans, nor the Draco themselves, but the ones at the top who are purposely driving as much dark energy as they can, know all about it. It’s all advanced strategies in destroying people for profit whilst keeping your hands clean basically. Satanic Draco are literally the masters of this~ So in summation those who acquire the energies of the three tribes, built atop the Earth (Simians) will become the perfect balance of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and be able to use every region of their brain simultaneously and in balance. The Void energy can literally amplify any of the four elemental vibrations by mixing in a strong dark energy. Ask yourself what happens when you mix a strong positive and a strong negative energy together….. YOU GET ME, GODS OF CHAOS~

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