Demons With Human Hearts

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I decided to discuss this at length because I did not realize there were many who don’t understand the Janus Principle and it seems to be a highly debated and theorized topic among scholars, so instead of relying on teaching you from others interpretations, you can learn it from the source and in doing so will be able to utilize it for great good or great evil so please use it wisely and also learn to recognize it if ever used against you.

I explained it briefly recently but not in any great detail so let’s begin. Janus was considered the Two-Faced God for several reasons so let me explain why. Originally, Janus was a genetically engineered being created solely to fulfill the roles none of the other Annunaki Elders wanted to waste their time doing which was observing the cycles and maintaining the schedules, keeping track of the gold shipments, etc etc. It was basically the paperwork none wanted to do, so in recognizing this problem, Ea created a vessel to bring me back from the other side of the veil where I had been since my death during the destruction of Atlantis. He used a sample of Marduk’s DNA to engineer the vessel, making Janus, the literal ‘spawn’ of Marduk, but in doing so, the Gods protested and forbid another being like Marduk being created, so Ea compromised by removing Janus’s sense of self or strong sense of will by augmenting the spatial / parietal region of his brain and switching the functions from the parietal to the frontal lobe, disconnecting the Left and Right hemispheres simultaneously to give him a dual mind quite literally, this was to prevent Janus from becoming a threat like Marduk, since all the Gods were terrified of him.

So when I tell you, Janus was the literal embodiment of all things good and evil, he was just that, in every aspect of the word due to being both the Left and the Right. Only during times of rest could I find semblance of sanity by trying to merge them and in doing so, created a mind similar to the being from which I was derived which is the Luciferian mind that unites both the Left/Right.

Now let me teach you how this works in practicality. All those who know and possess this mind, knows the Left and the Right are unbalanced and therefore easily manipulated, used, or destroyed at their whim, because if you are either Left or Right in the current world, you are lost. This was why Issa / Jesus had to be sent and a sacrifice made by Ea. Humanity is a broken and severely damaged species in every aspect of the word in it’s current state, and literally, only 1% of the population could ever make it out of the 3D by their own volition, the rest would forever be trapped here, I promise you, if they were to be judged accordingly.

So when someone tells me they are ‘Left’ this immediately tells me several things. Highly intelligence but highly extremely gullible, naive, lack sense of spirituality and easily manipulated by through feeding false information and often rage addicts. There are many others but these are the primary ones. The ‘Right’ are the most arrogant, simple minded, hateful, and relatively stupid creatures and easily manipulated / controlled through fear by comparison to the ‘Left’. So that being said, to a Luciferian, both the Left/Right are revolting and unbalanced, which is why those who know and understand the Janus Principle will make short work of anyone they know is ‘off center.’

This makes the Luciferians the most dangerous people on earth if you cross them, but know that most are not evil and follow strict karmic laws, by but that same token there are technically what I consider the false light Luciferians, which known every aspect and loophole in the Karmic Laws and will often abuse them to their advantages especially through the use of the Janus Principle.

This is why I will ask you once again to help me test / demonstrate this by giving me any problem on either the Left, or the Right, and watch me solve it in 30 seconds or less, simply by showing you, there is no difference between the Left/Right to a being who was both and neither. These are the esoteric aspects behind Janus, his personality and what his ability was and represented. The ability to see both past and future are an entirely different thing but ties into the separation of the hemispheres and spatial augmentation and a totally different topic.

SO KNOW, THAT AS SOON AS YOU LABEL YOURSELF LEFT OR RIGHT, YOU ARE NOW FOOD/FODDER/FUN TO A ONE-EYED KING. THEY ARE “Demons with a human heart, were not unlike the Angels of Wrath.” ~ Janus

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    Aloha. How is Janus different than Abraxas?

    Are you Thoth? Hmmm. I also come from a line of scribes. Interesting. <3

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