Draco Origins

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Because many have asked me this I will do so. I’m going to list every early Dragon hybrid and what they consisted of and their origins / tribes thereof. So let us start with the original Draco invasion 75,000 years ago. This will also explain dimensional theory and genetic overlays and how they work interdimensionally.

Ok, so when the Draco invaded they had the Neanderthals to breed with to create the Atlanteans. The O+ Neanderthal were 4D and had no Sirian genetics which meant they were fairly pale but unlike Cain’s people did not have the sloped brow and therefore capable of empathy. The original hybrids were considered balanced or rather perfect in their designed because the strong positive Pleadian genetics and high brow allowed for the strong negative void energy to be overwritten and allowed them to feel empathy. They did not however possess any serious desires nor compassion yet from the Sirian B type tribes nor the strong ego of the Adamic A1+, yet. They were initially forbidden to interbreed with the Sirian tribes but due to Marduk wanting everything for his people under him, Draco included he asked they be allowed to obtain the other energies being that of both the Pleaidians and Sirians. Before this could take place though, an incoming meteor was to hit Earth and the Draco wanted to vaporize it out of the sky, but were told to stand down and let it hit. The reason for this was because during the first experiments in trying to figure out how to hybridize the Draco with the humans, it created the unstable Nephilim hybrids from mixing interdimensional beings being of two very different dimensional wavelength vibrations. In doing so the unstable hybrids acquiring the first new Adamic energy and / or some of the hybrid energies of Adam and Eve’s tribes, started mating with everything that they came across and were devouring food at an exponential rate and starving to death which is why they started resorted to eating humans that strayed to close to their cities.

When the order came down to allow the meteor to hit, most of the initial hybrids / Nephilim were killed, but not all. The Atlanteans that were stable hybrids that interbred with some of Marduk’s children and / or Adam and Eve’s now live below ground in Agartha. Odin himself, was given cities in Germany of which are still there to this day. Odin / Horus was considered a man who betrayed his own people and this caused Thor to side with the humans and fight against the leftover minions of Saturn that were still running loose of which Odin had no want or need for after killing Saturn / Satan / Loki, or rather believed he did.

Either case, the bastard can reincarnate anyways, so they knew it was only temporary fix. Thor himself led the attack against the Satanic K line near the Basque region which was where the R1b fought and slaughtered the K line and took their women s wives, which is how and why they retained the high levels of the RH- blood due to the mtDNA being stronger, but the Satanic lines who survived and swore revenge invented the Jesuit Order to do just that and kill all the ‘White Atlantean’ tribes involved in the War. So in regards to the Caananite Betrayers, they went rogue and did what was forbidden and that was breed with a tribe of which were the only lower vibration technically and had the sloped brow and a bit of the Sirian genetics. This caused a neurological shitstorm as you now realize and how / why these demonic hybrids exist. The ones they bred with after Enlil ordered the Slaughter of the Caananites, were the Hamites of the J line after the C, of which Caanan was well know, but this tribe unlike Cain’s had high level of Sirian genetics and the B type as well, which created even worse hybrids sort of. They gained compassion but still no empathy and the strong feminine energy which is why they are all hermaphroditic like Gates and his Man~ So there is a slight different between the original Demon Clan and the Caananites but only slightly.

This leads into the Hebrew Jews from the 12 Tribes who were ordered by Enlil to slaughter the Caananites but ended up like usual only killing the men and keeping the females which seems to be a Draco custom.. not sure why but seems to be a trend. Pretty sure it was because Satan/Set hated females after dealing with Nephthys that tried to hit on Osiris and then blamed Osiris for it which is what started all this shit in the first place. So as for the 12 Tribes and Esau’s Clan, they were the Draco who bred with the Hebrews of Shem’s tribe and each of them became the A-s of Esau’s and the B-s of Jacobs. Both believed they had become perfect but failed to realize they were still what each other was missing. Esau’s clan was E1b1a and the Yacobeans are E1b1b.

Finally the last and most well know in recent years that were somewhat left out of history initially because of their roles were the tribrid clans and the only truly balanced Dragons on the planet because they had gained the Three Tribes so to speak although the imbalance in the Khazars and Gaelic is still obvious. Khazars too much Sirian like Echidna and the Gaelic too much Pleadian like Thor. So this is why the Scythians were the dominant of the three and became the Scythian Kings. These blood lines were all E Haplogroups.

These are all the initial Dragon Clans / Tribes of which many were known as the various Elven Houses in ancient lore that came about just after the Destruction of Atlantis nearly 13,000 years ago. Honorable mention to the Tribe of Dan who was a Hebrew Jew that was enslaved in Babylon and became the AB- blood line aside from the Merovingians, fixed the shithole and made it a rather nice place to visit so long as you avoided some of the Caananite cities. This created the R1a line that became the R1b rulers of Egypt / Europe before the corrupted Caananites and Khazars started breeding back into their blood lines to corrupt and take over the planet. The corrupted Satanic mtDNA is the common denominator whilst they often hide behind the Y line, which is how and why Jews share common genetic markers even though their tribes are on opposite ends of the planet, such as the Rh- blood which is what ties us together and as a result many of the initial Dragon Blood Lines are now intermixed, and yes even with the humans ~

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    ” Pretty sure it was because Satan/Set hated females after dealing with Nephthys that tried to hit on Osiris and then blamed Osiris for it which is what started all this shit in the first place” – HAHAHAHAAAA the Gods are crazy

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