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Copied from Facebook, 6/21/2021

This is something I wanted to explain. The origins of the ‘Godhead’ structure Ea used to create Yeshua, the Perfect One. Originally, Ea took the blood chromosome from this blood line to create him, being that of the A2- K1a mtDNA. The Ashkenazim are the original source this mtDNA, which is originally from Esau’s clan out of Africa who was the father of the A2- also the origins of the legend of the Werewolves, Whilst Jacob and the B- were the original blood drinkers / Vampires, which was partially inherited by the Tribe of Dan. This K1a was passed down though the Gaelic, Scythians and Khazars through Echidna, one of the first of the Ashkenazim / Naga, and granddaughter of Medusa. This is also why they too have people with the A2- blood type. Using this blood line, Ea fused the B- of Jacob’s with it to create the Magdalene blood line which became the permanently fused cis AB- hybrids. The key difference between these lines and others of the Ashkenazim, is that not all possess the large forehead and capable of empathy. Some Scythian lines possess a brow similar to that of Cain’s and Ham’s and incapable of empathy. Thanks again Lloyd for the meme. ~

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