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Someone asked me to o a post on Hitler and I have done them in the past and Fedbook doesn’t generally like them but as long as I stick to the facts and leave out the biases I should be, although I again, don’t hate on the Jews who have been just as much victims to these death cult freaks as the humans have. Many Jews were used as pawns by the Sabbatean-Frankist Synagogue of Satan / Saturn, I.E. Rothschild, Jesuits, Vatican, etc. For those that did not know this already, the Jesuits were founded by a Satanic Draco / Jew, Ignatius Loyola, from the Basque region which carries the Ashkenazic Satanic lines.

So that being said, I’m going to do a basic run down to prior to the war and then what took place step by step because EVERYTHING WAS PREPLANNED.

The Balfour Declaration was signed long before WW2, which became the basis and idea for the Transfer Agreement Hitler signed to send all the Jews in Germany to Palestine to steal it from the Palestinians and retake Babylon after destroying Germany, the home of Odin / Horus after the Titan Wars, which is where the hatred for the Pleaidian tribes stems from, because the Satanic Draco lost against the Atlanteans. So this is also a huge part of the reason they left this out of the history books, and that was to take revenge against their former rivals / friends even, and the humans alike. Realistically it wasn’t too bad after the Titan War but after Enlil nuked Babylon, the Draco survivors swore to never again interbreed with the humans and sought nothing less than revenge against both the Gods and humans alike. Which is part of what we are seeing currently. So back to Hitler and him realizing the damage WW1 did to Germany, he wanted nothing more than to rebuild it and get rid of the traitors who basically sold Germany out after WW1. Hitler was half Pleaidian, half Yacobean and E1b1b and therefore part Satanic Jew blood lines. In realizing the secrets of the blood due to his extensive research into the occult, Hitler learned not only the secrets of the RH- blood, but who the true Hebrews were and who the Hebrew Jews were as well as who the fake Jews, but by the time he realized, it was far too late. His entire campaign was to create a country solely for the Pleaidian tribes and the A1+ blood types, and expel everyone else pretty much, and he was in the process of doing this and retaking the country from Rothschild and the parasite banking cabal, and in doing so, invoked their wrath, which led to the boycott of German products by the Jews in America and them declaring war on Germany long before the camps were even thought of.

So let’s deal with what happened and what brought about the end of the war. When Hitler learned the secrets of everything and knew they would take him out for likely disobeying the agenda, he went slightly berserk and declared war on the Draco for their attempts to eradicate the Pleaidians, which he took personal due to being half Pleaidian. So one of the main attacks he led, that was left out of history purposely, was the attack on JESUIT STRONGHOLD IN THE BASQUE REGION WHICH IS WHERE THEIR HEADQUARTERS ARE, NOT THE VATICAN.

In his conquest he sought to free every country that was under the evil Draco / RH- control and most of the countries loved him for it, after they got rid of the parasitic Satanic Communists that infected their countries, the same ones who murder about 60 million Russian Christians, all Pleaidian/Sirian hybrids majority.

This is what they are doing as we speak in every major Pleaidian nation currently with their ‘tests’ aka the bioweapon they created that’s triggered by 5G which is the exact same method used during the ‘Spanish Flu’ which was mass vaccination / electrification that triggers the pathogen. So this was the major reason Hitler had no interest in fighting with the US, nor the UK, believing both were under ‘Pleaidian’ control, when that was farthest thing from the truth, and both were already under Satanic Draco / Jew aka Rothschild / Jesuits control.

So Hitler did not genocide anyone, 271,000 died in the camps, no more and this was due to the Satanic Jew Churchill bombing German supplies envoys towards the end of the war to purposely starve the Jews in the camps, so at the end of the war hey could go in with their cameras and say ‘Look at all this evil Hitler did.’ which is the exact same thing they did to attack Germany in the first place, and the was the Satanic Jew NKVD slaughtering Polish / Germans in Poland which caused Hitler to invade and try and save his people, and they blamed the atrocities on Hitler using their Satanic Jew controlled media and then counter attacked and destroyed Germany. So the Satanic Draco controllers, retook Babylon, murdered millions of Pleaidians, persecuted hundreds of thousands of likely somewhat decent Jews by comparison to the Aske’NAZI’ Satanists aka the Levitic Order / Caananite / etc. All from the original 22 Betrayer Blood Lines.

SO that’s a basic run down on WW2 leading up to and the end result and the major events and what actually took place. Hitler was used as a pawn and figured it out, but learned too late and was up against an enemy he had no idea, how much control and power the ‘Draco / RH-‘ had, and why many are still confused because when Hitler saw ‘White’ people, they were actually Draco and he didn’t know it until it he learned the secrets of the blood, leading to his insanity and expelling everyone not of the A1+ or at least containing the A1+ gene and the retaliation of the Draco El-ites who had been using him as a pawn. As you know there are many recessive carriers and hybrids that would also carry this gene and they were given special status under Hitler as so not to be harmed by any of his men / programs. SO to finalize, WW2 was Hitler’s personal quest to save the Pleaidians from being eradicated by the Satanic Jew Death Cult of Saturn aka Loki, Moloch, Satan, Dionysus, Bacchus, etc and he failed. He was one of the only people that knew that the ‘African Americans’ aka the Negros were the old Sumerian Royalty and actually Hebrews, not Africans. Hope this clarifies things, because people continuously fil to realize that every aspec of human suffering throughout history is due to the Draco, but the reverse is also truth. Every aspect of technology and progression you are currently using and experiencing in daily life, is due to Draco advancements in technology, much of which is still being hidden from the humans currently after they stole it all from Tesla and Hitler to begin with. ~

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  1. Kamaka Pahinui

    -Iʻm open to the fact that weʻve been lied to about Hitler. But what about Mengele? Did their agendas align? Mengele sounds Satanic AF to me! -So, are you saying that not all nazis are bad?

    -In my culture weʻre taught some of us are melanated Hebrew

    -Weʻre also taught that melanated people came from Hawaii and the Americas before Africa. Iʻm trying to absorb all the history youʻre dishing out, itʻs a lot! Thank you for all this hard work.

    -I donʻt understand the difference between Hebrew and Jew. Please clarify.

    • Stuart Perkins

      Hebrew is anyone from any of the Israel family “tribes”…the sons of Jacob. Jew is supposed to be from Judah. Those claiming “Jew” today are mostly Ashkenazi…descended from Khazaks who “converted” to Judaism 800 or more years ago. There is almost no Hebrew genetics in the Ashkenazi Jew of today.

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