How To Train Your Dragon Cont-1

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This will be part of the series on the various blood types in regard to raising the various Draco children aka ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ although keep in mind the energies of each types are similar in nature. This will be in regards to the A2- specifically aka the Alpha Draconian. The blood type most associated with Asperger’s Syndrome / High Functioning Autism due to mixing the Draco with the Pleaidian blood type through Isaac and Rebekah creating the A2- Esau, Father of the Werewolves of which many still reside in Africa to this day. The Bantu Tribes are direct descendants of Esau. How the blood was carried too the other various lines was through one of the daughter’s of Esau marrying into Japheth’s creating the Askenazim of which all A2- outside of the original tribes in Africa will ALWAYS carry the Ashkenazim mtDNA. Alpha Draco children can not be raised by anyone who does not possess the same blood as they do, of which out of the parents, at least one will. The reason for this is their advanced minds which are unrivalled among humanity currently albeit their AB- counterparts, and the reason is due to the massive skull associated with the blood type, meaning massive forehead in combination with the Anatolian Anatomy. As a result these children have the highest levels of empathy naturally although their compassion can be completely non existent, although this isn’t generally an issue so long as they get the adequate affection / attention during the early stages, and yes they will naturally be up your ass or anyone else’s they come into contact with due to the constant need to absorb energy from others, through various methods and means, most commonly being asking 10,000 questions in the run of a day and unhappy if you don’t answer even one of them. ‘WHY’ is the most common one which will often drive you insane. Their minds ae highly logistical and analytical in nature so making sure you live by the same example you seek to set is critical as well as do your absolute best to answer anything they throw at you and if you can not, find someone who can, and this ties into the way they seek to become whatever is that fascinates them. Scientific / engineering fields are the most common for the A2- so again, similar to their O counterparts, finding someone they can learn from with advanced knowledge in the topics that interest them is critical as well as having additional sources to utilize to allow them to learn on their own accord in their own time because they will often seek this to gather / collect / analyze / reflect on thoughts. Biggest issues with Alpha children is their ruthlessness in always wanting to do what they want to do and learn what they want to learn and to hell with anyone who gets in the way, because if you become an obstacle rather than a resource they will consider you expendable, and this includes their own family members as well. Their minds will constantly judge everything you say and do and these children are very critical of the actions / statements of others which is why they must be taught humility no differently than their O- counterparts. Tell them to always speak their minds and the truth because they will most likely do it anyways, but tell them to stop and think and choose their words wisely before speaking because you can not take back what you say, so always mean what you say when you say if, because Alpha children will often be cold and say things out of character if they are stressed out / grieving / angry. Their negative emotions can be overwhelming when they do experience them as goes for all their emotions, although this can be quite rare, it’s often severe when it does happen and must be addressed because their minds will dwell on everything and try and resolve every issue / problem they are faced with as a result which can leave them exhausted mentally and emotionally. They will always tell the truth and try to help you when asked but due to being quite absent minded at times depending on the hybrid, they may need reminders and / or help training themselves to learn to remind themselves. They have incredible memory and will never forget anything you say or do, but the absent mindedness is due to having overactive temporal and less active spatials unless you tell them to focus, because when tasked, their focus is otherworldly and they will be ‘in their own world’ during this time and oblivious to anything around them. This issue can be a problem if they decide to walk and chew gum at the same time. Their minds will switch being what they are doing and what they are thinking which can be an issue when they have tasks at hand. The only thing left to address is dealing with the overemotion / meltdowns which can be result of their own emotions or simply absorbing too much negative energy from others. Music, massage, and a low stim environment will allow they to unwind / release any built up negative built up energy, and focusing on arts, music, literature, early on, depending on their niche, will always help them obtain an avenue to unwind with. Coloring, painting, sculpting, woodworking, etc are also great avenues with similar results depending on the hybrid. They are amazing crafters similar to their O- counterparts. Always seeking the next best / biggest thing to see, do, learn, try to stick with things they know they enjoy and watch out for video games, because they are literally the equivalent of crack cocaine on the brain to an A- Draco child, so stick to puzzle / board / cards games whenever possible. I hope this clarifies a few things on the Alpha Draconian children, the easiest / hardest to raise among the three. Mutual love, trust and respect is mandatory between the parent and their offspring if you ever hope to make it, and I recommend this for literally all parents regardless of their blood type. ~

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