How To Train Your Dragon – Cont-2

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Just wanted to touch on the subject of the AB- and why I did not cover it as an individual post in ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. The reason being, is because the AB- hybrid children are essentially the top of the food chain in terms of abilities and intelligence. They are forces of nature and in terms of raising one, only a small % of the population would even be able to relate to them, let alone possess the ability to guide one. I’ll mention though the key differences in dealing with the A-, B- and their AB- counterparts is the natural balance they possess by comparison to their former counterparts. Meaning you do not need to spend the time teaching them to be less ruthless and cold like the A2- or need to worry about them becoming selfish and dealing with emotional overload like the B-. Always truthful, direct, and to the point, but still loving by nature and always want to be a part of and learn about everything around them. I have shown what some of the Hebrew Jews looked like from Jacob’s line, but I want to point out, there are indeed white versions of these tribes as well. I won’t get into the details but it ties in with his various wives being of different origin. This girl in the video I will post below I believe to be an example of one and a mix of all three tribes and no coincidence she’s from Malta, one of the original homes of the Nephilim before being imprisoned beneath Malta. The Knights of Malta were assigned the task of overseeing this site and never allowing humans to venture beneath it, whilst keeping it’s secrets locked up below. If you want to know what it’s like to deal with these hybrids, here you go. Most are unfit to raise one, for they could never compare to their minds. For those of you still seeking answers on the origins of your ancestry, simply contact me. I will be booking sessions again over the next few weeks. ~

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