How To Train Your Dragon – Cont-3

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Time to finish the trilogy so to speak and deal with the one I left to last because it’s going to be a hardest one to explain because of the fact that it is the rarest among the single blood genes, albeit the Magdalene line AB-. This will be ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ part 3. I have stated before that the original source of the B- was Jacob / Yacob. Father of the Tribes of Israel. This will verify also the fact that many of the current Draco / Jews are not of the Tribes of Israel, but rather mostly Ashkenazic / Khazarian who are not from Jacob’s tribes. Son of Isaac and Rebekah, a permanent fusion of the B+ and the O- to create the B- gene. So, the original B- of Jacob’s tribe are vastly different from many of the B- now, as are most humanoids of Earth by comparison to the original tribal founders. The original Tribes of Israel were literally like Night and Day in the same being. The reason for this is, the Beta energy and the Draco energy that fuels the left brain are literally polar opposites. This gives most B- a Gemini complex of being either nice as a fuzzy teddy or want to stuff teddy down your throat if you hurt their feelings. Known to be ruthless in combat, this tenacity was only backed by their great level of emotion that they put to everything they did. So expect these similar things when dealing with one nowadays. All B- are all same father but entirely different mothers and this does play a huge role in what kind of people each of the tribes became. I have looked into where the lost tribes are to this day and I have a pretty good idea, but exactly which is which would take me a bit of work, especially on the mtDNA of Jacob’s four wives. When you mix in higher levels of Pleaidian genetics into the B- hybrids, they become a great deal more stable and the ability to control their emotions does somewhat get better but among all the hybrids AB+ and B- suffer from the greatest rates of emotional overload. Unlike the A2- who do not get angry / upset very often, it’s bad when they do. B- are not unlike this but their greater right brain capacity will turn them hateful rather than angry and children like this will say extremely hurtful things to others, if they themselves are upset. Misery loves company so to speak. This is much more problematic in one closest to the originals or possess extremely high levels of Sirian genetics. This ability to offset the imbalanced energy is also true for the A2- that lack Sirian genetics who can appear next to emotionless. The two races of Star Trek being that of the Vulcan (A2-) and the Klingons(🤓 is the direct comparison to the original Draco hybrids of the A2- and B-. When dealing with B- Draco children know that everything they do will be tied to their emotional state even if you don’t expect it to be. They’re literally a Panther and Dragon in one. The elusive cunning yet loving feline species is known for speed, doing whatever it feels like, not generally concerned with the opinions of others, wants affection all the time, will be up your ass trying to help with everything you do unless they feel like lounging and soaking up the sun, then it’s a fight to get them to move once comfortable. The biggest issue you will deal with when dealing with a B- is the fact the Beta energy is directly tied to the sex drive and for those still unware your root chakra is active from the time your are born. So when dealing with B- children, know they are the most affectionate beings on the planet, next to their AB- counterparts, so keeping an eye on them is advised and don’t be surprised when they are asking to have a boyfriend / girlfriend by age four and go into a meltdown when you tell them no. Although this is generally only after fighting with other siblings over affection from the parents, and if this is not provided, they will find it elsewhere from someone of their choosing, because neither Draco, nor Sirians take to just anyone, they must possess similar energies, and B- are extremely hard on others if they are ‘testing’ them, although B- test people different than A2-, but both do this. B-s look at the level of your conviction in your words and the level of emotion in backing them, and the level of your love for your family and others. They are a very close society and huge families as a result and literally the polar opposite of the Pleaidians. The Draco admixture makes them exceptionally high intelligence like most Draco hybrids but their intelligence isn’t just in the IQ but also the EQ. They have the ability to read the emotional states of others quite easily or rather they understand their ‘hearts’ and are extremely spiritual people by nature, most often, unlike their A2- counterparts which are almost entirely left brained and often secular / atheist. You can tell the level of right brain integration in a Draco hybrid by checking whether or not they are left handed. Left handed B- would have the highest level of integration on Earth. Where do these children find their niche, in music, in nature, in their spirituality, and I recommend teaching Buddhist / Kabbalistic teachings from a young age. Many people have been misled to believe that teaching children about the facts of life is the most difficult discussion, when that in fact is basic biology, and I will tell you 100% in dealing with Draco children, this discussion is much rather a joke to most Draco children since they already know more about what you’re trying to teach them by the time you teach it, because you underestimated the fact they possess the same minds as you do, if you are of the same blood type. The hardest discussion you will have to deal with in dealing with Draco children is Life and Death and the entire concept of religion / spirituality and it will come extremely early when dealing with Draco children, like almost everything else since they progress much faster than the humans although I’ve seen some AB+ children that baffled me at times with the level of conversation and intelligence. Summation. These children possess other worldly wisdom like that of the ancients, and perception so far beyond most, you can not fathom it. Loving to a degree, most do not understand them. They pour their heart and soul into everything they do. Know though the biggest challenge is getting them to learn stability due to possessing the polar opposite energies. Help them balance or they can become selfish in their desires and the currently, this is the goal of the Satanic El-ite, is to turn everyone in selfish sadistic Beta cuck mongrels by wiping out the Pleaidian genetics, which is what stabilizes the polar opposite energies, and without it, these people will eventually become the most bipolar / schizophrenic beings on Earth, which is already happening in many Draco hybrids at untold rates. B- with the large foreheads aka Pleaidian genetics are the some of the best people on Earth, but if they take away this empathy A1+ mtDNA out of their blood lines entirely, it will eventually turn them into demonic hybrids identical to Bill Gates, which is most likely female or possibly male with Scythian disease. ~The biggest and untold ability of the B- is seeing future events before they take place, and DANIEL the son of Jacob, knew all too well of the things to come due to his ability. He foresaw the future and all events to come and I will tell all of you read the Book of Daniel and understand the mind of one of the greatest beings to ever walk this Earth. I hope this clarifies everything about the B-, both the good and bad, and most often from the Tribes of Israel. ~

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