How To Train Your Dragon

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Advice on raising Draco offspring…from a Facebook post by Janus on 7/23/2021

I was asked this some time ago, and have put it off but will finally cover the topic on ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. aka how to raise the Draco children so they / you don’t drive yourself insane and / or risk getting yourself killed. Follow this guide for the RH+ as well but keep in mind there will be key differences due to change in energy and how it affects the mind. This entire post is about the O- Draco child / energy but I will do one for the others as well.~Let’s start with my most / least favorite the O-, and I will explain both the good and the bad with every profile and what you will end up having to deal with. The Omega type is that of the Body, meaning O- focus a great deal on their physical form and looks and are represented by Tiferet / Tipareth, the Sephirot of Beauty. This leads to two things and their main primary attributes, the most charismatic people on Earth but can also be the most vain as a result.

They will fall into different categories though because the O- is found in every blood line due to being the original blood type of the Draco who invaded Earth, it exists in almost every tribe. The O- blood type is recessive to all others, and can be donated to every other as a result due to being the zero point energy field in the Kabbalistic structure. Because of it’s energy, the O- blood gene automatically absorbs all the genetic data most associated with physical dominance / superior genes that focus on the physical vessel, making them the greatest workers and warriors alike and are very task/goal oriented people. Because of the the way their mind works, they become the center of their own universe and their world revolves around them, as do all the other blood types, quite literally due to their natural outgoing positive nature if they are good people and the fact that the O type is balanced and non gender definitive.

The Omega types usually get along with everyone as a result and are not overtly masculine or feminine like their A and B counterparts. This would be most ascertained by the level of Pleaidian vs Sirian genetic in the O types as a result meaning O- Pleaidian and O- Sirians are quite different but the underlying attributes remain the same, they just gain other ones based on the energies the O- type has absorbed. In raising the O- types, focus on heightening their energies in both the Left and the Right based on which energies they possess the greatest level of, meaning if you are O- Pleaidian, teaching compassion and how to manifest energies in themselves to experience these heightened states is key. Pleaidian O- are naturally empathetic but lack compassion and naturally cold as a result but always want to help when faced with an issue.

The Draco blood amplifies the other energies making some Pleaidian RH- overtly empathetic aka the bleeding heart Liberal type, which are just used as pawns by the Satanic mongrels who possess none, knowing these hybrids are naturally naive and gullible and the A- being by far worse than the O- in these traits, although I’ve found similar traits in both. B- are naturally cunning by nature and are harder to deceive as a result, but also the most deceptive. I’ll get to them later. The O- Sirian hybrids are less common but still exist and I’ve met many from Africa from different regions and tribes and they all seem to be great people so long as they are capable of empathy and therefore likely associated or related to one of the lost Tribes of Israel making them descended from the Hebrew Jews of Isaac (AB+) and Rebekah (O-/O). I refer to these people as spiritual warriors because of the difference of the high level of Sirian energy, they people are always looking to do great things for themselves and the people around them. The difference between the Pleaidian and Sirian energy is simple, One Who Absorbs, One Who Offers, Male and Female energy, the service to self and service to other. SO when dealing with the O- type knowing which energy they possess is somewhat key. Many of the O- who possess both the Pleaidian and the Sirian energies are some of the best people I’ve met and usually from the Elven Tribes / Tribe of Dan / Hebrew Jews.

The O- Canaanites / Amelekites who possess no empathy are the psychopathic serial killers currently running many government positions. ~So O- children, focus on physical activity the most because that is their niche, aka playtime and learning through these types of activities because they are hands on learners through visuals most often. Text books are a nuisance because there is too much theory / practicum and less hands on training in actually how to do the work, which is why most O- are never taught in a classroom but rather through a master who they apprentice under who teaches them the mastery of their trade and this starts at a young age and you will see it in the children obsessed with tools / nature / activity / interaction with their environment.

Because of the level of knowledge our people have always possessed but usually kept hidden, the secrets of our crafts are known only to the Draco Masters who have passed it down through their blood lines throughout the ages solely to keep it out of the hands of humans. It’s why throughout history, certain tribes possessed advancements in technologies / weaponry that far exceeded their supposed capacity / capabilities to do so, especially in alchemy / metallurgy.I speak more so from a male perspective thus far but remember the O type are not really overtly masculine / feminine, meaning the expression men / women are often capable of doing the same things, this refers to the Omega types. It’s how an African mother can travel 5 miles with a bucket of water of her head to bring back to her village, or how a Icelandic / Russian father takes a bath in a frozen lake in -10 at 5am then chops wood until 7 before going hunting for something to bring back for supper after eating 4 lbs of food for his breakfast and won’t eat again until late that evening 12-14 hours later. Never underestimate the abilities of the Omegas, they are physically superior to every other type, always with the exception of the A1/ A2- who can be on par or similar physically, but not quite, but their intelligence is slightly / exceptionally higher. This often leads to clashes between Alpha and Omega type males, and it takes one who is both Alpha and Omega to settle the dispute and also why I highly recommend creating these types of hybrids if you want an offspring who is both highly thoughtful but also highly capable. Mixing the Alpha(A1+) and the (O-)Omega creates the best type of people always, but they lack the high level of Sirian energy which is then added AFTER, you create these initial types first or if you prefer the A2- and O+ or A2- and O- depending on which type you are / seek. Dealing with issues. O- are the most independent of all children and require the least attention if they are occupied doing something or at play. Teaching independence becomes 2nd nature as a result but their taught through self and through experience, so if you believe they need to know something to help them better themselves or become better people, do so at every turn, because they will always take it to heart so to speak. This also means protecting themselves as well and I highly recommend the martial arts for both male and female O type children as result and also encourage interaction between all three types so they are able to understand and learn about their differences / similarities / strengths / weaknesses and how to how one another based on such things, being taught these things from an early age. This allows them to see the differences but also understand them and will naturally bring a harmony rather than disorder / chaos which is exactly what you will deal with if things are are not done right, especially dealing with the Elven / Tribe of Dan / Hebrew Jew O- children since they naturally possess both Pleaidian and Sirian energies, they will go non stop and you will have your hands full IF YOU DO NO KEEP THEM BUSY. They have unless amounts of physical energy and you literally need to wear them out so they can sleep properly at night which is done through your daily activities / routines / learning. Discipline isn’t necessary if teaching is done properly, but in case you believe there needs to be some, simply use your time outs / cool down time for older children and then discuss how to resolve after the fact because O types are often physically aggressive when confronted or faced with adversity, so direct confrontation will only lead to headbutts. I believe the best discipline comes through self and the martial arts and mediation and have studied the O- of Cain’s line to learn since they are often the most advanced in their knowledge due to being some of the original and oldest Draco tribes on Earth.

I have a deep love and respect for the Asian Dragons so long as they inherited the empathy and among them, the Ainu stand out the most of Japan but there are many throughout Asia. Their high level of Sirian genetic makes them the most spiritual among all the O- hybrids on par with those of Africa.Their Western counterparts aka those with high levels of Pleaidian, pride and ego is the biggest thing to deal with in males, and less so the females, but as a result, teaching them how to become great people whilst keeping a sense of humility is literally your number one challenge. Capable of doing anything, you never take your eyes of the O- from the chaos lines, because they will get themselves into bad situations over and over again due to their lack of forethought / heightened perception they A and B type possess, and can not stress this enough, finding activity to learn through and enjoy whilst also maintaining the ability to form bonds and relationships with others is critical because they are naturally the most self sufficient types and make the greatest stability / unity in groups of Draco children because they bring balance between the Alpha and Beta energy.

I went to great length to explain the Omega type Draco children because I sincerely care about each energy and what it represents to the Tree of Life but also know the energies in our current system are greatly imbalanced and we are supposed to have an equal amount of every type for there to be balance again. Current % of O- among most populations on average is 2% which is a travesty for our people needs to be rectified soon. O- blood can be used to upgrade almost any other hybrid on Earth and the best people to find are the AB+ (Unless you are a Draco female, then consider A-or AB- due to compatibility issues) because it instantly mixes every type / energy together in a single entity regardless of what blood type they become and how the A2- and B- were created in the first place, through blood gene fusion before the collapse of Atlantis / Magnetic South Pole.~ I hope this clarifies everything you need to know about the O- Draco hybrid children regardless of which blood line they come from. Here there be Dragons. A tribute to the Chaos Lines and the mongrels should have realized, it’s best to let Sleeping Dragons lie. ~

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