Hybrid Rundown

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Just to give you guys basic run down on hybrids and how it works and figure out who / what you are, I can give a basic overview of the tribes / hybrids from various regions which is what I do for people when doing their backgrounds and teach you a bit about how to do it yourselves when interested.

So let’s begin with Northwestern Europe. Majority R1b / R1a bit of mix of random others but these are the majority which came from Rome after being kicked out of Egypt. This is Ahkenaten’s and Scota’s tribe and where the Irish / Brits / Scots come from. This blood line is a literal hybrid of both Pleiadian and Draco and why the much of the ruling families are R1b-U106. Blood line of Marduk through the Throne of Egypt. Tut was verified R1b. So, now we come the Saxons and a few of the Europeans with the I Haplogroup from Shem’s line which you find starting in the Middle East and extending into parts of South Eastern and even parts of northern Europe. These people are Hebrews and many are AB+. I’ll cover the Draco clans through this region later for a reason. Just to clarify, the Arabic who are AB+, the Saxons and the Negros are all of Shem’s line and many carry the A and / or B+ types.

Dealing with Asia is actually really easy for the most part because a majority of Asiatics are from Cain’s blood line, and yes the Caananites came from Lilith and Cain as well, but the C Haplogroup is Cain, and found through Asia, now the other big player was Ghengis Khan who was Cohen and B- and likely where you will find a vast majority of your Asiatics with E1b1b Haplogroups. There are known to be found with other minor ones if they are closer to Africa rather than Asia or Black Sea and obtain the P/Q/R but these are more Afroasiatics rather than African which are A/B/J majority unless they are Hebraic hybrids from Yacob’s and Esau’s clan.

So, as for Russia, majority R1a, R1b and I which is Shem’s tribes. Russia is almost entirely Pleiadian as a result, similar to a few other European nations before the Draco decided to invade and destroy them all.

When dealing with Aboriginal lines of the Americans they are primarily three lines. Cain’s, R1 which was Babylon, which is hilarious for a geneticist to try and explain, and finally the Q, from the P/Q Haplogroups I’ve showed you before with the blond blue eyed Sirian children from Marduk’s first Marriage in Babylon. Nabu would have been another source of these hybrids as well and is rarely spoken of. Marduk had many children but the only ones most ever hear of is Osiris, Set and technically Horus is some cases aka Odin and Loki. Horon became Heracles, Hercules, aka Thor. There are traces of X which came from Atlantis which genetics keep failing to explain since it was never in Asia.

I think that covers pretty much every country and now I’ll deal with Draco lines specifically.

The Wolf Dragons of Atlantis, R1a, R1b and X. These blood lines can carry any of the Pleiadian and / or Draco blood groups meaning A+/- or O+/- and highest Neanderthal genes on Earth.

The Draco blood lines of Anatolia originally created by Shamgaz and the Igigi who followed him. This is the other primary location you find Draco blood outside of the Atlantean blood lines and why middle eastern countries such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Lebanon all carry extremely high levels of RH- blood even higher than most European countries due to it being the other main location the Draco inhabited and yes there was a great deal of interaction between these blood lines during Atlantis before the Titan War. The Draco who bred with Cain’s people were the Betrayers and the Caananites which is why Enlil ordered the Hebraic Draco from Shem’s line to slaughter them all because they followed Moloch / Loki / Saturn / Satan / Set / Dionysus. These were the Hebrew Jews of the 12 Tribes ordered by Enlil to slaughter another Draco tribe. So the one’s who bred with Ham’s people helped build Babylon and those who bred with Japeth’s became the Ashkenazim which is why a majority of Jews / Draco are not Semitic, and rather from Ham’s or Japeth’ tribe although it is known a few of the Caananites survived, and both Esau and the founder of the Mormon tribe in America from the X line of Atlantis also married a Caananite, I forget his name but will find it out for you. The Mormons are the only tribe on Earth that is a pure Pleiadian and Caananite and are entirely unique as a result. It’s why Mormons or many of them, can’t grow beards~

The other major players were the Draco hybrids from Thor’s line which were the Gael’s, Scythian’s and Khazars which if you want I’ll post below but have many times already so I’ll avoid doing so this time, and one last thing, the Spanish invasion of South America was carried out by the Draco who slaughtered and raped their way across both North and South America and why 23% of South Americans now have Jewish genetics or rather Draco genes / RH- blood. Hope this wraps things up. Enjoy~ FFS always forgetting something.

0.S. Special shout out to the Tribe Dan, the true rulers of Babylon before the idiots took it over and were AB- this tribe became the Tuatha Da Danaan / Danites / Danish and modern day Denmark, my favorites Hebrew Jews, sorry not sorry.

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