Magdalene Blood Line

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Let me address something, a very well kept secret among the El-ites in regards to Yeshua’s blood line or rather the Magdalene blood line would be more accurate. So I am going to disclose something that needs to become known by all, but especially those of the blood line who may or may not know it.

The secret of the Magdalene blood line is pinnacle of Ea’s work in creating the perfect vessel / hybrid being through creation of the AB- blood type. Back when the research was first started when Ea initially created me, it was the research in how to fuse energies / blood genes into a single gene, meaning combining two different energies into a single one. This was how I became the blueprint for Yeshua or rather the mtDNA of his mother, Mariam Ben Stada. When Ea and the Draco aka the Canaanite lines learned of this secret it led to the creation of Jacob and Esau’s Clan by fusing the O- with the AB+. Ea continued this research and finally perfected it by fusing the A2- of Esau’s and the B- of Jacob’s into a single gene creating what is known as the Cis AB-. What this means is, if you are a carrier of this gene through the maternal K1a mtDNA of the Magdalene line, the offspring who inherit this gene, automatically become AB- regardless of what the father is.

The Satanic Draco lines have been targeting this blood line for destruction if they can not be controlled and yes Trump comes from the Magdalene line through Charlemagne, which is the Merovingian blood line. I told people the promise made to humanity by Ea / Enki was to complete the Terra Project and give those who were suitable for the higher dimensions immortal vessels that would be AB- containing the work he stored in the Merovingian blood line or at the very least 4D vessels that live 1000 years by comparison to our current 120.

I withheld this information for years because I knew they were targeting this blood line as well as other RH- blood lines who inherited the Alpha energy / empathy. The key difference between the corrupted blood lines and the good ones is the empathy or lack thereof and the truly warped ones exist in a permanent state of needing to offer their dark energy through lies, deception, blackmail, extortion, rape, etc etc. They are the Unholy Feminine and very close to the original Canaanites. ~

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  1. Jordon

    On a podcast that was just recently deleted you talked of genghis khan I was wondering if you could do a whole post about that topic if you will and how he gained energy through it

  2. Kasey Burton

    Wow I love it and I just want to say thank you so much Janis.. You really taught me, as well as the world.. a lot and that’s just not me it is the world and I want to say thank you and if I knew you even though I know you and spirit and not physically I would just hug you and kiss you. Thank you you are more of your loved, adored , admired than you could ever possibly Know.

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