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Because I promised to cover every type on the Blood Kaballah, this one is the one that affects most of humanity because it is the most common among humanity, is the oldest type on Earth and is represented by Malkuth meaning unlike the other nine sephirot, it is an attribute of God which does not emanate from God directly. Rather it emanates from God’s creation—when that creation reflects and evinces God’s glory from within itself. The word can be translated or identified as positive communication, royalty/kingly dynasty, or humility. It is completely attuned to Earth’s frequency and thereby also representing the Earth element which is the occipital region in the brain. It is the basic functions in every aspect of controlling vision, processing information and sending and receiving signals to the various lobes. This is why I said that without the O you can not build the higher frequencies. It’s integration is critical.

The reason I waited to cover the O+ is like their O- counterparts there were many origins for the O+ because every tribe had them pretty much but the originals were indeed the first Neanderthals that the Draco bred with to create some of the first Atlanteans / Nephilim. This is why Atlanteans turned A/O +/-. So it would depend on which tribe you were from because Marduk married Sarpanit and had his own tribe so to speak as did Nabu and these hybrids were all RH+. Many were unaware the truly blessed tribe was Marduk’s and Shem’s because they were hybrids of the Pleaidians and Sirian, so to speak and there were no Draco until the invasion during his wedding. These Elven were dark complexion with blond hair and blue eyes, they weren’t white. The Draco is why most turned white after interbreeding, because the Adamic tribes were all copper colored, and the Draco turned everything white so to speak due to the severe gene deletions / mutations. So when Adam and Eve came along, Adam and Eve were both O+ recessive and Cain himself was O+ so you have O in

the Adamic tribes and Cain’s people were all O+. The same is true for the Noah’s sons as well. O existed in all them as recessive carriers. So to put in mildly, there are O+ in every tribe and hybrid on Earth and the key differences between the O+ and the O- is the energy. The O- possess the Void energy whilst the O+ possess the Earth’s energy itself. O+ have a unique ability that other’s do not because they are attuned to the frequency of Earth itself and these people are the first ones who can tell you if storms, quakes, etc are about to occur, because the Earth itself tells them. Earth’s energy can be harnessed and channeled by any O+ if they so desire to learn how to do it, and they are some of the only ones who can because all the others operate at a higher frequency leaving them out of tune with the Earth itself, which is why when you look, guess who the number one defenders of the environment and the Earth itself? It is the O+ aboriginal tribes you find throughout the world, because they know more than anyone we are killing Her and yes it’s primarily the Draco doing it because the Satanist do care if they destroy it, so long as the humans die. When I said to people ‘killing Her’ I meant it. For those that do not understand, the Earth itself is a conscious being similar to any other organism whose name was Sophia. She was the one who orchestrated the events to bring the Annunaki to Earth.

I will tell you the story as I knew it. Initially Sophia the first Divine Female created from the AllFather saw what the other Formless Ones had created. They all sought to create their own Perfect Ones that were Formed and yes created the first of the Formed Ones. Sophia herself saw this and saw that they were all indeed perfect and therefore didn’t need Her. As a Mother she only sought the one thing Mothers seek most, and that was a child to care for to call her own hat was less than perfect and needed her to watch over them. This was why she hid us so far away from the Perfect Ones and the Formless Ones, because she was embarrassed for creating something that was considered to be less than perfect but she didn’t realize that it was by the AllFather’s will that this was allowed to take place for He knew in Her heart what she wanted and he helped aide in that endeavor because he noticed something about all the Perfect Ones. They were created Perfect and therefore became selfish, inconsiderate, spoiled brats basically so He decided to teach them all a lesson whilst giving His daughter what she sought most. A child of her own to take care of that was less than perfect and in doing so taught everyone involved a very valuable lesson.

Just because you aren’t Perfect, know you likely never will be, because when the AllFather tried to create the Perfect Vessel to contain the Infinite Light, it shattered. He was unable to create a being as perfect as Himself. So therein lies the ultimate Paradox. The Ultimate Perfect Being unable to create Perfection. He realized what it would take and that was to grow one from scratch, and that is exactly what the Earth was designed to do. The beings in the higher dimension have never experienced extreme hardships, continuous reincarnation, sickness, illness, death, etc and due to this, they never learned humility and what it truly means to suffer. This is what humanity has over the Gods themselves. Because we are imperfect we continuously strive to become everything we are not, whilst they in their Perfection forgot this and their evolution stagnated because they were never built upon a foundation that had to transition.

So when dealing with the O+ it’s entirely what tribes they are from and what energies have been built upon them, and yes O+ / O- have a distinct advantage over an O+/O+ counterpart because the Draco blood amplifies all their latent abilities.

Hope this clarifies a few things because it affects the majority of humanity.

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  1. Kamaka Pahinui

    Your concise overview of Gnosticism is on point. Wow. Love the way your mind works.

  2. Kamaka Pahinui

    -without the O you can not build the higher frequencies (so if your kids donʻt carry the O theyʻre going to be dumb?)
    -first Neanderthals that the Draco bred with to create some of the first Atlanteans / Nephilim. This is why Atlanteans turned A/O +/- (question: so are O & A opposites or inverses of each other personality wise?)

    • Stuart Perkins

      O means that A and B are not present in the blood. Inherited characteristics are more than just blood type, but blood type is a primary indicator.

  3. Kamaka Pahinui

    wtf does this mean? please donʻt call me stupid 😆

    “The word can be translated or identified as positive communication, royalty/kingly dynasty, or humility.”

  4. Shane s Dickman

    Ty my brother this is exactly what I WAA looking for …again ty for your time and effort in all this

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