How To Train Your Dragon

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Advice on raising Draco offspring…from a Facebook post by Janus on 7/23/2021 I was asked this some time ago, and have put it off but will finally cover the topic on ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. aka how to raise … Continued

RH+ Origins

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Well I figured whilst I was at it I would give you all the blood lines of humanity in a chart as well. These will be the origins of all the RH+ types on Earth and their admixtures. I promise … Continued


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Copied from Facebook, 6/21/2021 This is something I wanted to explain. The origins of the ‘Godhead’ structure Ea used to create Yeshua, the Perfect One. Originally, Ea took the blood chromosome from this blood line to create him, being that … Continued

Black and White Dragons

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Friend shared this in private group and I will recommend this group for those seeking advanced knowledge. The admin is AB- and highly intelligent and has impressed me a great deal over the last while for his constant obsession with … Continued

Magdalene Blood Line

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Let me address something, a very well kept secret among the El-ites in regards to Yeshua’s blood line or rather the Magdalene blood line would be more accurate. So I am going to disclose something that needs to become known … Continued

Power Of 6 Paths

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People have asked me about obtaining the power of the 6 Paths aka obtaining the dual toroidal vortex energy system that should exist within every hybrid on Earth but some are lacking in energy genetically and their vessels are somewhat … Continued