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Someone asked me to o a post on Hitler and I have done them in the past and Fedbook doesn’t generally like them but as long as I stick to the facts and leave out the biases I should be, … Continued

Hybrid Rundown

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Just to give you guys basic run down on hybrids and how it works and figure out who / what you are, I can give a basic overview of the tribes / hybrids from various regions which is what I … Continued

Hybrid Types

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For all the new ones still catching up, much of this was written some time ago and predicted everything and gives a run down of why things are as they are, enjoy~ Here’s a New flash for you all. The … Continued

Polarity, Duality

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Lesson time on Polarity / Duality as I promised since some are still catching up, this will be a great deal more advanced and ties directly into the races, tribes, hybrids. I have continuously stated that everything exists in duality … Continued

O Positive

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Because I promised to cover every type on the Blood Kaballah, this one is the one that affects most of humanity because it is the most common among humanity, is the oldest type on Earth and is represented by Malkuth … Continued

Mind Of Janus

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Something people have never understood is my mind, and I’ve told people, it’s not something humans can comprehend so trying is pointless. I explained the Path I use and the energy of the Sephirot I represent naturally, but still you … Continued

Demons With Human Hearts

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I decided to discuss this at length because I did not realize there were many who don’t understand the Janus Principle and it seems to be a highly debated and theorized topic among scholars, so instead of relying on teaching … Continued

Sirian Tribes/B+

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Someone asked me about the Sirian tribes / energy of the B+ type and I believed I had done posts on them several times in the past but it seems I could not find the one I had done which … Continued

Test Post

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This is a test post to see how simple it is to post things here…including pictures. simply place the cursor on the left margin where you want the picture and drag/drop it…such as this mural from the Denver Airport…

Hello Janus

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your blog. We’ll work on the overall appearance over time to make it something you like, but you can place (cut/paste) posts here in order to have them preserved and available. This should cut down … Continued