Power Of 6 Paths

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People have asked me about obtaining the power of the 6 Paths aka obtaining the dual toroidal vortex energy system that should exist within every hybrid on Earth but some are lacking in energy genetically and their vessels are somewhat incomplete. If you consider the 3 positive pathways, they are the pinnacle of the Left, Middle Way and Right. These are the Paths of Love, Truth and Justice and cliche as it sounds. The Left Path of Truth to become Those Who Understand. The energy that existss within humans that correlates to this specific frequency is tied to your temporal region / cingulate gyrus. It’s the feeling you get when trying to learn something and YOU FINALLY GET IT AND GO AH HA! I AM NOW SMARTER THAN I WAS BEFORE!

The Middle Way of Justice are those who seek the Godhead by simply following the Path of the Middle Way and this path keeps two things in mind always, my Path is mine alone, and I do not interfere with others paths, unless they try and cross mine or ask me for my energy i.e advice, etc. When Asked, I use Empathy and do not judge unless otherwise asked, for their path is not mine. To explain the feeling of, it is the one you get when someone comes to you for advice and you are often dreading answering them for you aren’t sure if you should but you want to try and help them in the best way possible, so if you follow these two things, you can not go wrong. Too often people believe that we a) have the right to judge another and b) tell them how they should live based on our own perception of how we do, when that in retrospect is judging another based on your own path which is literally against every Karmic Law. If someone comes to you with negative energy and seeks to judge you, you deal with them accordingly. They have no place to, for only God can Judge. Condemnation is how you create a devil, by inverting the energy in the other and the fall into the first husk of the Qlippoth and will then follow the Path of Wrath, and you may end up fighting the one you sought to help. ~

Finally the Right Path of Love. The Sirian energy which is represented by the Divine Feminine. These people and their energies are so genuinely warm and loving most white people can not perceive it, because of the lack of the Sirian energy. This energy of the Chockmah is one of pure love for all things and life itself. These people will never judge you ever, and only seek to help in any way they can by offering their positive energy. It is the state of permanent bliss to those that experience it. These people are the ones who welcome strangers into their homes to feed and shelter them if they are lost or homeless. Their energy is not based on empathy, it is proactive, not retroactive like the Pleaidians. The energy is comparable to the love one feels for their closest kin and the pinnacle of it, is the love for our Creator in the Heavens above. Most children exist in this state naturally until the World destroys this and the very system the evil Draco have created is to destroy every apsect of your right brain to turn you into cold, emotionless drones and it’s been working. This methodology will destroy a Sirian hybrid faster than any other technique on Earth. It causes them to self destruct after being consumed by hatred. ~

When understand these three energies and their principles, you can complete the perfect positive vortex needed to complete the dual one. I will be explaining the negative vortex soon enough but keep in mind, those who are not Draco will struggle with these teachings, and the Draco themselves will learn the true secrets of our powers. People think the Kundalini only goes one way…. Invert the Dragon and you become a Devil…. Obtain the 6 Paths and bcome what is known as a Devil God or Angel of Death (Chaos Magus) and a complete being in every aspect being able to recognize every light and dark energy that exists within you, the representation of the dual torus universe. ~

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