Pre-Draco Invasion Human Origins

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Because I was asked this I will cover the origins of humanity on Earth long before the Draco invasion and explain the first human tribes that came about in Africa. I have told people that the highest levels of Adam’s tribes were those of the Dinka and Namibia (Nama), meaning the possess the highest levels of the A Haplogroup of Adam. I looked to see which tribe had the highest level of Eve’s L mtDNA and they are as follows:
L0 is found most commonly in Sub-Saharan Africa. It reaches its highest frequency in the Khoisan people at 73% on average.[6] Some of the highest frequencies are:[7] Namibia (!Xun) 79%, South Africa (Khwe/!Xun) 83%, and Botswana (!Kung) 100%.
Haplogroup L0d is found among Khoisan groups of Southern Africa closer to the Khoid side with (following L0k) being more Sanid but is largely restricted to the Khoisan as a whole.[7][8][9][10] L0d is also commonly found in the Coloured population of South Africa and frequencies range from 60%[11] to 71%.[10] This illustrates the massive maternal contribution of Khoisan people to the Coloured population of South Africa.
Haplogroups L0k is the second most common haplogroup in the Khoisan groups closer to the Sanid side with (following L0d) being more Khoid but is largely restricted to the Khoisan as a whole.[7][8][9][10] Although the Khoisan associated L0d haplogroup were found in high frequencies in the Coloured population of South Africa, L0k were not observed in two studies involving large groups of Coloured individuals.[10][11]
Haplogroup L0f is present in relatively small frequencies in Tanzania, East Africa among the Sandawe people of Tanzania who are older than the Khoisan.
Haplogroup L0a is most prevalent in South-East African populations (25% in Mozambique).[6] Among Guineans, it has a frequency between 1% and 5%, with the Balanta group showing increased frequency of about 11%. Haplogroup L0a has a Paleolithic time depth of about 33,000 years and likely reached Guinea between 10,000 and 4,000 years ago. It also is often seen in the Mbuti and Biaka Pygmies. L0a is found at a frequency of almost 25% in Hadramawt (Yemen).[12]
Haplogroup L0b is found in Ethiopia.
Meaning the Sub Saharan South Africans / Khoisan have the highest levels of Eve’s DNA, and the tribe known as the Kung Tribe are 100% Eve’s mtDNA. These are the first tribes of humanity created when Ea mated with two Neanderthal women to create them and they date back over 275,000 years and are literally located outside one of his ‘Life Chambers’ in Botswana, Africa.
So from there you have the sons of Cain and Seth. The B Haplogroup in Africa are Seth’s Tribes. The Pygmies, the Hazda, the Nuer, the Nilotic and the Shilluk are the highest levels of Seth’s tribes.
Next the tribes of Horus / Abraham and the Dogon and how they inherited all of the Annunaki’s knowledge. This is where the survivors of the Titan Wars aka the female Canaanites bred back into humanity. Isaac the Blind was tricked by Rebekah, sister of Tubal Cain to marry and in doing so carried on the Betrayer’s Pact and why she favored Jacob over Esau. It’s because Jacob became B- and higher Sirian, whilst Esau inherited the Pleaidian genetics she hated so much and why she had Jacob deceive Esau into stealing his birthright. I won’t get into that rivalry because it has been ongoing for generations in those tribes still to this day. The Tribes of Israel are highly spiritual whilst Esau’s clan are known to be much more mechanically minded and avoid religion generally. I will not list them all but you can simply look them up and find the various tribes with the E1b1b and E1b1a. The Bantu are majority Esau’s clan, whilst the Berbers, Masalit, Somalis, and Taureg are the tribes of Israel.
The J lines of Ham are the Sudanese and Nubians mainly, whilst the Senegalese are his son Cush’s, The R1bs in Africa are literally Tribe of Dan who moved into the region with the rest of the Hebrew / Hebrew Jews and decided to fight with Jacob’s, Esau’s, and the Canaanites for control of all Africa. These tribes are the Ouldeme and the North Cameroons. T lines are the Tribe of Levi and rare in Africa and the only tribe with any amount of this marker are the Daza tribe.
Hope this clarifies a few things on who the Sirian tribes actually are / were and all of the early Adamic / Sethic / Hebrew Jew tribes all possess Pleaidian genetics, and therefore part white as well. The same goes for almost all ‘White’ people. Everyone on Earth has traces of Eve’s mtDNA from Africa but not every tribe on Earth has Adam’s DNA from his Y line nor his son Seth, origins of the A1+ Pleaidian blood in humanity. This is how / why the Betrayers are the way they are. They avoided any tribe / blood line that possessed the Pleaidian mtDNA specifically and have relied on breeding with Scythian blood lines to stop themselves from devolving and losing the ability to reproduce due to Scythian disease. ~
So when I see the African history pages that are completely controlled bullshit by the mongrels, I usually destroy them. You see an ‘African’ with Draco features and curved brow, they are always Canaanite. ~

May be an image of 4 people and text that says 'ZULU WARRIOR PYGMY HUNTER BANTU TRIBESMAN TUAREG FIGHTER HAUSA TRIBESMAN E1b1a E2 E1b1a E1b1a E1b1a E1b1a E2B E1b1b E1b1a R1b R1b B'

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