The AllFather

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From a Post 5/3/21

Someone quoted from this and many have asked me about the teachings of true ‘Jesus’ aka Issa / Yeshua. This was one book I should have mentioned in my recommended readings and will do so from now on. I tell people to read the Sophia of Christ / Berlin Gnostic Codex but here’s a definite addition. The Life of Issa / Lost teachings of ‘Jesus’. ~

About the AllFather

“… He alone exists…

He has existed since all eternity, and His existence will have no end.“

He has no equal either in Heaven or on the Earth.

“The Great Creator has not shared His power with any living being…, He alone possesses omnipotence.” (The Life of Saint Issa, 5:16-17)

“The Eternal Lawgiver is one. There is no other god, but He. He has not shared the world with anyone, neither has He informed anyone of His intentions.” (The Life of Saint Issa, 6:10)

“… The Lord our God…

is all-mighty, omniscient, and omnipresent. It is He Who possesses all wisdom and all light. It is to Him you must address yourselves to be consoled in your sorrows, helped in your works, and cured in your sickness. Whosoever shall have recourse to Him shall not be denied.“

The secrets of nature are in the hands of God. For the world, before it appeared, existed in the depth of the Divine thought; it became material and visible by the will of the Supreme.“

When you address yourselves to Him, become again as children. For you know neither the past, nor the present, nor the future; and God is the Master of all time.” (The Life of Saint Issa, 11:12-15)

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