The Destruction Of The Elven

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Thousands of years ago after the creation of the Elven Tribes through Thor and Echidna, the Scythian Kingship title was established almost 10,000 years ago. The Scythians became the leaders of the Elven tribes. These became as known as the Blood Elves / Chaos Magus. When the Canaanites had learned of Thor granting the Scythians his Kingship, they were infuriated nd once again refused to be ruled over by anyone, so they hatched a plan to take over the kingship, just as they had with King David’s line of the Saxons after Rebekah married Isaac. This is always their method of infiltration and subversion because they know the mtDNA is stronger. They ‘hijack’ blood lines so to speak with the corrupted mtDNA of the Canaanite Betrayers, and in the case of the Scythian / Elven Kingship, they did the exact same thing.
The Canaanite lines living in / near what is modern day Persia / Babylon / Phoenicia, sent a representative to the Elven King ruling at the time, although I do not have his name currently, I can go and find it because this event was recorded historically. An Unholy Alliance was formed between the Scythians and the Canaanites. The Canaanites demanded to be allowed to marry into the blood line or they would attack and destroy the Elven tribes. The Scythian King laughed at them for being stupid, knowing if they tried they would be destroyed or mutually assured destruction was also plausible because at this point in history, the Scythians were the most powerful tribe on Earth, and like their Canaanite counterparts, some of them also lacked the ability to feel empathy making them extremely dangerous to the Canaanites in combat, for similar reasons, albeit the key different was the Scythians had managed to do what the Canaanite never could, obtain the Pleaidian genetics / strength without their empathy due the Ashkenazic admixture from Echidna, and the O- Scythians, many did not have empathy and shared the O- type with the Canaanites and original Demon Clan who married into Cain’s O+ blood line initially.
As the merger, the Scythians picked up the worship of the Feminine although it was slightly corrupted due to the Canaanite influence and the fact that their chief Annunaki God was Inanna / Ishtar. Due to this unholy union and the lack of the Pleaidian / A1+ mtDNA being introduced into their blood lines, many started suffered from what is known as Scythian Disease, turning their men, female or would rather end up growing a vagina / turning hermaphroditic which is also the primary cause of Transgenderism, lack of male energy through the mtDNA. This is how and why they are attacking the tribes containing the female Pleaidian mtDNA, trying to devolve the planet into the Unholy Feminine, which is what the Canaanites are.
When they formed this union, the Canaanite began dragging the Scythians into every war they could trying to take control of the planet and even turn against the other Elven tribes in doing so. The allied with the Khazars after a short battle and when they came to the Gaels, it led to the War of the Highlanders that is / was still being fought to this very day. Your history of the Catholics vs the Protestants is the history of the Gaelic fighting with the Canaanite mongrels out of Rome, who wanted nothing to do with their corrupted religion and only followed it to avoid being burned like witches due to the stupid fucking humans accusing them of ‘witchcraft’ which was nothing more than the study of the various sciences and their knowledge of old Atlantean technologies. This war is what dragged the humans into our rivalry because many of the Draco hybrids wanted nothing to do with the mongrels or the humans, and the mongrels just used the humans as tools / weapons to serve their agendas, and it is still happening to this very day. The amount of stupid who have drank the Kool-Aid and bought into the Saturnic frequencies, won’t likely make it, and it’s going to be up to the Draco who aren’t evil to deal with the mongrels once again, and this time, even some of own can not be trusted due to the mongrels influence and that includes the Scythians lines who were corrupted by the Canaanite mongrels.
The reason I mention this is due to the fact I know of a certain O- Scythian, whom I tried to help and actually believed he could be a valuable asset, but his delusions and severe mental instability / psychosis leads me to believe that the Canaanite influence was indeed to strong in some of the Scythian lines and many of my own I can not save, which pains me a great deal, watching one of the proudest and greatest tribe on Earth reduced to common thieves and liars because of the fucking mongrels and in their self righteous delusions and ego, they destroyed themselves, and I guess history was just meant to repeat itself. I won’t mention names because when I do, they cry to FB and just have me banned after spewing lies and bullshit. Also, just to verify, this deluded nut accuses me quite often of being a demon or posssessing corrupted Canaanite DNA, well here’s a news flash, every Draco on Earth except the original Demon Clan has Canaanite DNA. Some just have more than others and I have told people Janus was indeed half Demon, but the clown forgets, the other half is Angel. All the RH- during tis time have been here before and chosen sides and history was destined to repeat itself. Ragnarok has come. ~

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