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I decided to cover this topic once again for those who missed it and clarify many things simultaneously whilst denouncing others. It is in regards to who Yeshua was, aka the ‘Son of God’. I have spoken of this only a few times mainly because I do not promote religion of any kind and simply disclose the history as it was, rather than how it has been manipulated by the mongrels. To start, Isa / Yeshua was a genetically engineered being created by Ea and sent solely to deal with the Draco tribes, primarily being the Tribes of Israel who inherited the Sirian energy and became the B-. These tribes inherited some of the Pleaidian genetics but not the blood type of their counterparts of Esau’s clan being those of the A2-. This is exactly what Ea did. He noticed, like the other Annunaki Elders, the Draco had done the impossible and inherited the energies of the human tribes and became beings greater than the sum of the beings they were created from and literally a higher vibration. In recognizing this, he knew they were not yet complete and still energetically unbalanced due to the separation of the Alpha and Beta energies which are meant to co-exist as a single blood gene. His research was in how to fuse the energies simiar to what happened with Rebecca and Isaac being the O- fusing with the AB+. This led to the creation of Yeshua, the Perfect One. Janus/ I was created during the first experiments in how to fuse the dark energy of the Draco with the other two tribes, but Ea started with the Pleaidian type first because he knew that it was needed to stabilize the fusion of the AB- with the Draco energy O-. I was the first but the incomplete version of what would come later. After finalizing the process, he created Yeshua, who was the first cis AB- hybrid on Earth. His mother was chosen because her mtDNA was that of the K1a / Ashkenazic Unfallen blood lines who inherited the Pleaidian empathy / large foreheads. This was not in all of the Ashkenazim / Naga clan. As a result when Echidna had children with Thor, the Scythian lines inherited a forehead that was similar to the original Canaanite lines who created the Ashkenazim and incapable of empathy, whilst some of the others inherited it. He merged her A- with the blood of Jacob’s tribe of the E1b1b / B- and created the perfected model. A being with the Perfect Godhead. A being infused with high levels of both empathy / compassion but still capable of discernment and recognition of the Path of Severity due to advanced Left brain function. ~Ea sent him to help the Draco tribes of Israel who lacked the A type, and was trying to teach them balance, the ability to judge their own actions, and how to seek to become more than the sum of their parts by leading by example. Yeshua specifically told people not to worship him, but try to become like him by living through the examples he set. Some are aware that he indeed have children with Mary Magdalene which became the Magdalene blood line that carries the Cis AB- which have been targeted by the Satanic Jews for destruction because they know it was Ea’s work in creating a perfect race of humanoids. If you are cis AB your life could be in peril and you not even know it, but also know this blood line and the carriers are extremely rare, and some Masons have been protecting it for many years from the mongrels and this is why they worship Mary Magdalene and not Yeshua, because they know it was her mtDNA that carries this gene, not the Y line. ~I hope this clarifies a few things on who the Son of God’ actually was. He was the Son of the ‘Serpent’. I have told people humanity’s greatest downfall was being taught to hate the God who loved them, and praise the one who hated them. Your entire world was inverted by Satan and his followers so almost everything you were ever taught, is in fact the opposite of truth. ~

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  1. Niki

    Where is the information on A-
    I have the 3rd highest Neanderthal variants in 23&me & A- bloodtype (my father who I never met is most likely AB-) & my biological mother says she doesn’t know her bloodtype (but I’m guessing it’s A- since I was her 2nd child & she didn’t get prenatal care till she was 5 months pregnant with me in 1970…).

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